Is Your House A Mess? This Ancient Art Teaches You To Create Harmony In Your Home In 8 Steps

Have you ever walked into a place and been filled with a feeling of freshness, harmony or balance? Do you dream that your house has the same atmosphere? Find out how to achieve it and what things can block it.

Surely at some point in your life you have heard of Feng Shui. This is an ancient art originating from China that has the purpose of creating balance and positive energy in the environments that surround us. According to an article published on, the proper use of Feng Shui techniques in the home has the ability to improve your personal life and channel positive energy or “chi” into your space. Despite being taken by some people as a superstition, many interior builders and decorators base their plans on the ideologies of this art, with the purpose of creating quiet spaces where their clients can find harmony.

The use of Feng Shui in the home covers several aspects, such as the right colors to use in the spaces of your house or the position of your furniture. These are some of the basic Feng Shui recommendations for your home.

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1. The entrance

The front door of your house must be free of obstacles. Do not leave shoes, wardrobes or other items in front of or near her. An unobstructed entrance allows positive energy to flow into your home. Also, if possible, arrange your living room so that you always have a view of your entrance.

2. Let the light flow

Light is an important source of energy. Make sure every area of ​​your house is well lit. If you can’t get natural light in some areas, you can use light colors (like yellow) on the walls to create the illusion of clarity.

3. Use mirrors

The use of mirrors inside your home provides a feeling of spaciousness and they reflect light creating more clarity. But be careful not to place them in your bedroom, where you can reflect yourself while you sleep.

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4. Use nature

Keep live plants in your home, as they attract the positive vibes of nature into your home and purify your air. But take care of them and don’t let them wilt, as a dead plant can attract negative energy.

5. Don’t hoard things

The flow of positive energy is obstructed by clutter and the accumulation of unnecessary things. Try to have only what you need. Keep your countertops clutter-free, especially in the center of your home as this is considered the heart of your home.

6. Take care of your bathroom

The bathroom is the place where you purify your body and eliminate impurities. Always keep it in order, clean and with the doors closed to prevent negative energy from flowing into the rest of your house.

7. Close your doors

Do not leave doors open at bedtime. Closing the doors of your house while you sleep promotes healthy domestic relationships and good health.

8. Incorporate the 5 elements

One purpose of Feng Shui is to create balance between the elements that make up our nature. Use elements in your home that represent the earth with stones or ceramics, metal with electronics or decorations, water with fountains or aquariums, fire with candles or fireplaces and wood with furniture or a garden.

Whether you believe in this ancient art or not, it is worth testing what effects you feel in your space after implementing their recommendations. This art has survived for over three thousand years and many people share very positive testimonies of its benefits. I invite you to explore more on this topic, even if you do not feel all the promised benefits. Incorporating these ideas is sure to give you a fresh perspective with order and balance in your home.

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