Is My Partner My Property?

If jealousy towards your partner reaches such a point that you feel that he or she belongs to you, then you should read this article

Sara met Julián when they were both 19 years old, it was love at first sight. They were married a year after meeting and everything went well until Sara became pregnant with twins. Her pregnancy was complicated and caused Sara to become very dependent on her husband; Despite this, the delivery did not represent any risk to her or the children, life at home returned to normal and the house was filled with joy.

Over the years, Julián was climbing positions in his work and had to attend countless meetings and make trips out of the city accompanied by his co-workers; while Sara was at home taking care of the family and the home. Sara admits that she feels insecure of her husband as she thinks he is insignificant to Julián, despite the fact that he has repeatedly shown her that his affection for her and her children is imperishable.

Sara’s insecurity is such that she calls Julián constantly at work, incessantly complaining about the reasons for his silences or his unusual late arrivals home (delays of 15 minutes or half an hour due to traffic). If the secretary answers the phone, Sara puts on an incredible show of jealousy and openly declared at a party with coworkers to which he had taken her, that any woman who dared to lay eyes on HER HUSBAND, would have a very bad time.

Julián loves Sara, appreciates the dedication she has for him and the family, but Sara’s attitude towards the people she talks to or who she looks at or even what she thinks is beginning to become overwhelming, so much so that Getting to Divorce You’ve thought the best thing you can do to save your family is to find a marriage counselor.

My partner Is it my property?

A resounding NO in answer to the previous question. If someone is with you it is because they want to, it is their will to share their life with you or vice versa, in any case it is love that unites the parties, not duty or obligation.

One of the fastest ways to reach the end of the relationship or divorce is to consider that your partner is an object that belongs to you, and there is nothing that leads to more weariness than the constant persecution in search of infidelities or the insatiable intent for feeling loved by the life partner.

What makes a person feel that their partner is “something” they own?

Lack of self-esteem is the generator of this lack of self-confidence (or), which leads the affected person to think that at any time they could be replaced by someone better or superior to them or almost any aspect. It is something difficult to face for the person receiving so much attention, that no matter what she does to make the other feel secure of herself and therefore secure of her partner.


In the case of dealing with a controlling and insecure partner, the advisable thing is a psychological therapy that helps them to cement a new concept of themselves, as well as a couple therapy that helps them overcome the problems caused by that situation.

And in the case of children, the first and foremost thing is to teach self-love from the same home. Parents are the first teachers that a human being has, therefore, from them you learn the good, the bad and the ugly of life.


Making the son feel safe with himself, with what he does, by the way he looks. Incentivizing him to be better and always the best of himself. Making him feel that he is capable of all the goals he sets for himself and encouraging him to be good at what he does. Good self-esteem is the foundation for being successful in all areas of a person’s life.

What we must remember is that uncontrollable jealousy is not always fostered, that people who suffer from jealousy have to work on their own self-esteem, and that being accused of unfaithfulness without reason can destroy the marriage. Don’t wait until it’s too late to improve your relationship. Seek help and love yourself. We are all full of qualities, don’t let these fall into the shadow of unhealthy and possessive jealousy.

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