Is Mount Everest The New Tower Of Babel?

Climbing the top of Everest has killed many people. What are they really after?

The mountain Everest It is considered the highest mountain in the world, with a height of 8,848 meters above sea level. It is located on the Asian continent, on the Himalayas, and borders between two countries, China and Nepal.

Everest has become the most coveted mountain to climb by mountaineers, especially during the months of April and May, since during these months the best weather conditions are presented for such a journey.

However, in recent times Mount Everest has made headlines due to a very sad situation: the high number of people who have passed awayin the attempt, in just one week. Sadly, the news is reporting what’s happening up there: mountaineers are queuing long to get to the top.

Good weather conditions (light wind season) for climbing, and the exaggerated desire of people to achieve the challenge this year, has created a surprising crowding of people causing slow climbing, or long waits sitting, especially on the straight final.

Taking into account the altitude, low temperatures, and insufficient oxygen, it is not an appropriate place to queue; all this has claimed the lives of 8 people in less than a week.

Greed, pride and desire for glory

As I read the news about what was happening on Mount Everest, I immediately remembered the story quoted in the Bible about “Babel’s tower”.  According to the biblical account, it says that in the beginning, a single language was spoken among the first inhabitants, the people agreed to build a city, and then build a tower “so high that it could touch the sky, and they could be famous ” . The scriptures say that when God found out what was happening, he decided to confuse the languages.

The Tower of Babel signifies the origin of the more than 7 thousand languages ​​that exist today, but it also invites us to consider greed and pride as one of the first errors of humanity. Thus establishing from the beginning the desire of the human being to always want more, especially in money, power and glory.

Heart problems

The greed It is the tendency to want to get everything for oneself, especially money, wealth, etc. The person becomes selfish, cannot share, and takes advantage of all the situations in which he can. Immediately, such people are recognized in the family or in society, and are rejected for their inability to give, remaining alone.

The desire to have and accumulate is so great that the very idea of ​​having to lose something frightens them, when the real reason is a tremendous emotional lack, “a void” that the person thinks they can fill with material things. Greed is warned by most religions, who try to teach people, through scripture, meditation or prayers, to open up to love for others.  

Suggestions:Any spiritual approach through religion or personal always helps to improve, especially the practice of prayer or meditation. In turn, a professional consultation can be made to understand the emotional emptiness that the person feels.

The pride and vainglory

Thomas Aquinas describes the  pride as “the immoderate appetite for excellence itself, which, incidentally, lowers the dignity of others .” Pride then is to think that you are above everything, that you know everything and do not need any help or advice.

The philosopher adds that pride is “the mother and queen of all defects” , so in my opinion, all other defects arise from pride.

Suggestions: To improve this aspect of our person it is important to understand that wise people are generally simple and always want to learn from others, educate themselves and be humble in deeds and words.

Boast or wish for glory

Boasting is related to extreme pride or conceit. The person brags about her actions over others. One can also boast of physicality or personal beauty.

Suggestions: Religions especially, place a lot of emphasis on not boasting and being humble in our actions, or service to others. Helping others is a very good and simple way that clears our hearts from desiring personal glory.


There is nothing wrong with wanting to fulfill goals, like climbing Mount Everest, being famous, rich, beautiful, intelligent, or wanting the best for ourselves or our family; Nor is it necessary to go through life bowed head apologizing for everything one does.

Simply, in life you only need to be pure of heart and live away from ego.   

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