Is It Right Or Wrong For You To Let Your Pet Kiss Your Children? The Specialists Say How It Affects Them

Do you let your pets kiss your children? Find out how it affects them according to the specialists.

Victoria Beckham’s kiss to her daughter on the lips and a new study with an unexpected result, at least for many, regarding the kisses of pets with children and adults, have opened a controversy. Read on and discover how these kisses affect their receptors, humans.

readIs it WRONG or RIGHT for you to kiss your children on the mouth? Therapists tell how it affects them


The positions, as in the case of Beckham, are opposite. On the one hand the science, veterinarians and studies that support it, say that it is wrong, while on the other, a study says that not only is it not bad, but it is healthy. Join me to discover the tests:

It is bad

According to the PetMD page, pets can harbor bacteria and parasites that can be transmitted to humans. These can cause a number of diseases.

What bacteria do they harbor?


This bacterium is common in both the mouths of our canine and feline friends, and can cause infections of the skin, the lymphatic system, and sometimes much more serious infections.


This bacterium is passed to cats through the bite of fleas and then lodged in the mouth of these animals, and can produce an infection known as cat fever.

It should be noted that although it is said that animals can transfer this bacteria if we come into contact with their saliva, the Center for Disease Control reported that both bacteria are transmitted through bites or scratches, and not by the “kisses” of animals .

Salmonella, E. Coli, and Clostridia

These bacteria live in the intestines of animals, without causing any symptoms or disease. However, when these bacteria come into contact with us (especially the smallest ones) they can cause infections.

But, as with the bacteria we mentioned earlier, there is very little data to confirm that this is how humans got the infection.


Animals can have several types of parasites at the same time. Infections caused by parasites in humans can result in intestinal diseases, skin problems, blindness, and brain problems.

These parasites can live in the intestines of animals and pass their eggs to humans through saliva.

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It’s good

A recent study, and somewhat controversial for those who do not believe that there is any benefit, has concluded that the belief that was held in ancient times about the healing powers that the saliva of dogs has for humans, has foundations real scientists.

Its benefits:

  • The study conducted in the Netherlands found a chemical in animal saliva called histatins that can speed up wound healing by promoting the generation of new cells at a faster rate.

  • Dr Nigel Benjamin of the London Medical School concluded that when the animal’s saliva comes into contact with the skin, nitric oxide is produced, which stops the growth of bacteria and protects the wound from a infection.

  • Researchers at the University of Florida were able to locate and isolate the protein present in the saliva of animals, which they called Nervous Growth Factor. This protein slows the healing process of a wound in half the time it would take without its presence.

Infections can be avoided

  1. Regularly deworming animals

  2. With an annual check-up to see if the animal has parasites

  3. Treatments to control fleas and ticks

  4. Avoid contact with animal fecal matter

  5. Making sure children do not play in areas where there may be animal fecal matter

  6. Giving animals dry or canned food

  7. Washing and cooking the vegetables that your family eats

  8. Encouraging hand washing, especially after interacting with the animal.

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It goes without saying that animals are a great emotional support for all members of the family, especially for the little ones and for people with some special ability. If you have a pet, there is nothing to be afraid of as long as necessary precautions are taken so that each member of the family enjoys the love of our furry friends.

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