Is It Possible To Be Husbands And Co-workers?

It takes a lot of maturity to understand that home-related situations should be dealt with at home or in designated spaces, not at work.

Sandra and Javier were working for the same company when they met and their romance began. Despite company policies not allowing employee marriages, they decided to get married. To the surprise of both, the company allowed them to continue working, taking into account that they belonged to different areas and had a good job performance.

Soon enough, Sandra and Javier’s marriage became the “talk” of the office. Unfortunately, all the rumors were caused by themselves. They were very obvious, little reserved with their problems, and they involved the other colleagues. When they had problems at home, the next morning Sandra would drive the car to the office, while Javier would arrive by taxi. During lunch time in the cafeteria they did not exchange a word and at the end of the day Javier would leave a few minutes earlier so as not to meet Sandra at the reception.

In the mornings it was usual to see Sandra in her boss’s office telling her about her marital problems and on some occasions she would cry. For his part, Javier was a bit more reserved. However, when things were not going well at home, he was moody and distant with his peers. Faced with their questions, he always lashed out at the marriage with phrases such as “I don’t understand why I got married”, “How I miss my single life without problems” or “Women are very complicated.”

On the other hand, when things were going well, Javier made constant trips to Sandra’s office and sometimes during the working day they tried to solve their personal problems. The climax of the situation was reached one day when they started an argument in one of the corridors and were surprised by the manager, who had already been put on notice about the situation and immediately made the decision to fire them. two. Sandra and Javier did not give up. With the lesson learned, they decided to work together again, this time in a restaurant they bought. They are in charge of ten employees and they have learned to handle the situation.

How did they do it?

There are many aspects that the members of a marriage who also work together must take care of. In addition to managing the couple’s relationship within an environment other than their home, they face something that is my concept that can be threatening for the proper functioning of the relationship and that is what I would call “saturation.” By saturation I mean the feeling of tiredness or boredom that can be generated by excess time sharing. However, do not be discouraged because there are several things that can be done.

How to avoid saturation

Each one must dedicate himself judiciously to his work

Saturation is likely to appear more as a result of talking about the same thing than sharing a space together. A man manages to miss his wife in the same house when she dedicates herself at times to the things she likes, and vice versa. If at work each one is dedicated and concentrates on their functions, they will not reach the point of mutual burden.

Avoid excessive expressions of affection

This is difficult and even rare, especially for women who are used to hugging and pampering their husbands, but it is necessary. At work, the relationship should be more work than personal. When they have their own business, expressions of affection are more acceptable, but you have to know how to limit them. In any case they can allow themselves some approaches at lunchtime, for example.

Detach the problems

It takes a lot of maturity and inner strength to understand that conflicts and different situations related to home, children and marriage projects should be dealt with at home or in spaces designated for it, not at work. In turn, it is necessary to know how to discern and be professional enough to understand that at work they have common goals different from those of the home and family, and that the differences generated in the marital environment must be able to control them, avoiding transferring them to the workplace. On the other hand, they should not allow their work problems to affect their relationship as spouses. In my opinion, not all couples are designed to live and work together, it takes emotionally mature people to embark on this project.

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