Is It Possible To Be Happy And Full With My Partner Without Having Children?

Having a child should not, under any circumstances, be an imposition or a ‘next step’, after establishing a relationship. Is it possible to be happy and full with my partner without having children?

It seems that these practices of getting married and having children before turning 25 are no longer accepted by the new generations. In addition to the fact that now we are many more who share this Earth, it is honestly an option for which everyone should be inclined according to what they want for their life and their future.

Having a child should not be, under any circumstances, an imposition or a “next step” after establishing a relationship. It is more than that: it is a longing, a dream, and it should feel and live like that of a vocation. Because it is precisely a great job that not all of us could do, regardless of age; Of course, the younger we are, the more inexperienced and immature we are.

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What do we want to give

For all this, we must now think not only of ourselves as a couple, but of what we want to give our little ones : what kind of education, what kind of life. If we want to be a family with a sufficient economy, if we want to travel, if we want to give them the best schools and the greatest opportunities, we have to dedicate ourselves to it.

Today more than ever I know everything that my parents have given, what my family planned so that I would be the happiest person and could achieve all my goals. Because although the age comes when children must get ahead on our own, the foundations that are given to us as children are fundamental to train us as professionals, entrepreneurs, great artists, strong people. Nor is it necessary to be millionaires, but to make a commitment to ourselves, to our partner and to our future child (ren).

You don’t live on love

Definitely, love is not lived, but it is an essential factor. And with so much technology and a much more linked world, we must consider that the new generations will want all these devices to be able to develop in these new forms of life.

They will want to venture on trips to distant lands, perhaps prepare in a foreign university, have the necessary tools to be part of these digital communities. We must then adapt and open our eyes to a reality that, no matter how much we want, we cannot change. Because it is not enough to feel stable with a boyfriend or a wife, we must consider that it could be that one of the reasons why we have this peace is precisely that we are only both.

It is not a matter of selfishness or of being bad people; On the contrary, if a couple decides not to have children in life, let’s congratulate them! Because they are making that decision for themselves, because it is not a purpose, it is not something they yearn for or desire.

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The family under examination

It is very valid to instill the desire to form a family with our children, but we also think that there is not only one type of family. There are already countless cases in which the maternal or paternal figure is needed, in which the same children are cared for by siblings, where the grandparents are in charge of this work, where there are two father figures or two mothers who, thanks to technology or the adoption itself, they have a great opportunity to conceive new lives.

Let’s not close ourselves off, or stigmatize, simply seek what the heart dictates. And let’s get ready to bring future geniuses into the world.

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