Intolerance, The Daily Bread. Teach Your Children To Protect Themselves From It

Intolerance is part of the world today. How not to fall into provocations or avoid being the target of aggression from those who do not agree with us? Intolerance, the daily bread.

After the birth of my son 19 years ago, I have not been able to remove him from my thoughts and my prayers for a single day. I always try to shed a little of fatalism; However, I am not unaware that this is a difficult world for children and young people, as intolerance sprouts everywhere. Every day the polarizations become more acute, where the slogan is: either you belong to a certain political, religious or social group or you are against it. How to teach our children to protect themselves from intolerance? What a task. I share it below:

Caution when commenting on social networks

A characteristic of youth and especially adolescence is the impetus or the determination and intensity with which they act. Adolescents need to reaffirm themselves through their opinions, they need to find a place among their peers and before their parents and relatives. This leads them to adopt certain impulsive behaviors, usually without estimating the consequences of their actions. One of those behaviors is the opinions they express through social networks.

Therefore, it is essential that as a parent you are aware of the comments your child makes in the different publications, identifying what their tendencies and tastes are, what they criticize, in what tone they do it, what they do not agree with and what words they use. to express it; if he disqualifies, if he is the one who starts an argument or continues it, and so on.

Timely action in this regard can prevent future discomfort. Nowadays there are those who take the trouble to contact those who do not agree with them to physically attack them. My suggestion is that you do not make any call for attention publicly or through another comment, it is best to speak in person with your child, expressing your concern and the importance of being cautious and prudent when giving an opinion.

Learn to respect the point of view of others

In a world where everyone wants to be right, it is difficult to accept the way others see life. It is likely that as parents it is necessary that they be the first to abandon intransigent positions in front of others with whom they do not agree in their way of thinking, so that through example they can transmit to their children respect for the opinion of the other, although not share it.

Accept and respect the difference

Sadly, many acts of intolerance end in fatal outcomes. Today, belonging to a certain social group is sufficient reason to be the target of aggression. This is why the paternal work is to cultivate in children and adolescents respect for people who belong to other religious creeds and political ideologies, social and student groups, and so on.

I understand that in this regard, many parents are afraid that their children will get involved with people from other social groups who do not identify with their own beliefs, for fear that they will be influenced. However, the point here is to give them values ​​and enough reasons to remain in them, but teaching them that there are other ways of looking at life and that they must respect them.

Identify a possible risk situation and walk away

This is one of the key points: risk prevention. There are many situations that can be saved by avoiding major conflicts. Teach them to be observers in public places, identifying possible threats; to avoid entering into confrontation or discussions with strangers as much as possible, not to talk to strangers about their social, religious, political positions and even their football preferences, because passions easily overflow.

It never hurts to pray for your children and entrust them to the Creator. Finally, the safest behavior that your children can have is to act with respect and prudence, avoiding falling into provocations or being the target of attacks from those who do not agree with them.

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