Increase Your Appeal By Acquiring These Unique Qualities, So Difficult To Find

Few people possess this valuable quality that powerfully attracts anyone. Keep reading and find out if you are one of them.

Without a doubt, one of the things that can make you look attractive to a partner, or among your friends, is being a trustworthy person. Everyone has problems or concerns that need to be expressed, but few people have the rare attribute of being truly trustworthy, what is called “a confidant.”

According to the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE), “confidant” means to be faithful, secure, trustworthy; a person to whom another entrusts his secrets or entrusts him with the execution of reserved things. It may seem strange, but if you think about it calmly, you will agree with emotion that a trustworthy person is always attractive, because he is someone with whom we can be who we are, without fear of being judged or disappointed, who does not want someone like that to his side?

Therefore, if you want to increase your attractiveness, become a trustworthy person, someone who can be the perfect confidant. To do this, consider the following aspects:

1. Two basic virtues

To carry out a good role as a confidant, it is essential that you are clear about the primary requirements that you must meet in order not to make a mistake in this role. These are two virtues that not all people possess, so not everyone can be trusted, no matter how hard they try. These are knowing how to listen and knowing how to keep a secret. If you have these virtues, you are on the right track!

2. The art of listening

The poet and playwright, Johann Wolfgang Goethe, has already said it: “Talking is a necessity, listening is an art.” Knowing how to listen is not a skill that all people have; You need to put aside your own thoughts to give way to the thoughts (worries, anguish, congratulations, joys, etc.) of another person. On the other hand, hearing is easier: you just have to let your interlocutor make the sounds they want. Now that you know the difference, do you hear, or do you listen?

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3. Discretion and empathy

Being possessed of a certain attraction for others is not easy, because it does not depend only on how you look physically. A person to be attractive must combine several aspects, in addition to the physical. Two of them that are basic are discretion (for example, that in your talks you are never informing your interlocutors of other people’s lives), and an open, empathic attitude (that is, always having the best disposition to pay attention, listen, understand). These aspects are going to be key so that you can generate trust and people want -literally- to be close to you.

4. Up to the grave

Being a trustworthy person means knowing how to keep secrets, even the grave! No matter what information they entrust to you, it requires a faithfulness to the test of everything. Usually, while there is a friendship, the information is “safe”, but sometimes if there is a break in the relationship, the confidant becomes a spokesman with what he knows. Therefore, it is necessary that you bear in mind that fidelity must be proof of any type of conflict or rupture.

Having the qualities to be a super confidant is not easy. If you have them, never take it lightly: you are a repository of valuable information for the life of a person who has put their trust in you. It is an honor, and also a huge responsibility. So if you want to take this role, take good care of what you do and say.

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