In Times Of Crisis, Don’t Go Into Crisis! You Can Always Save At Home

In times of economic crisis, saving becomes a real problem, but here you can find excellent ideas to start doing it successfully.

In times of crisis, saving becomes a challenge, however, there are some options that we can begin to consider to reduce the monthly expenses of our home. Following the wise advice of my mother, I have started to do some things that have worked well for me and now I share with you:

Buy large containers

When I first got married, I usually bought products in small packages, thinking that it was cheaper and simple to store. But time and my wise mother taught me that it is often more practical and economical to buy things in bulk, for example: detergent to wash dishes or clothes, cleaning supplies, school or office supplies. If you compare the unit value of the small presentation, with the value for larger packages, you will be in for a big surprise.

Give up frozen meals

Let’s say that my strong area is NOT the kitchen: I have a hard time following recipes, so every time I went to the supermarket I filled my refrigerator with frozen food (corn, peas, patties, etc.). However, now what I do is buy large quantities of vegetables in summer and store them frozen to use them in times of “lean cows” or to eat something delicious in the middle of winter. Buying fruits and vegetables in season and keeping them frozen will also help you save.

Bring a weekly menu

I try to do it, in this way, when I go on Saturday to buy fruits and vegetables, I adjust my weekly budget to what is strictly necessary according to the menu I have planned, without spending too much.

Try white brands (own)

Many people are unaware that private label products from supermarkets can be of very good quality. I began to try simple things like sugar, salt, rice and I realized that many times we pay more for the simple fact that the products have a well-known logo printed on them.

Before buying or hiring a service, think several times if it is really necessary

Many times I bought things that to this day remain intact in their respective packaging, or I took out insurance that was never necessary to use. That is why I learned that before hiring a service, I must find out the conditions of use very well and if it is an electrical appliance I wonder how many times a month I will use it, and boy, what surprises I have had!

Learn to recycle

Little by little, and thanks to Facebook, I began to receive photographs of items that I usually use at home and that later end up in the trash, when they can be very well reused. Now, for example, I keep the bottles of drinks (sodas) and use them to make a small family garden; I also keep cardboard cones to entertain Santiago’s winter afternoons. In truth, with simple things you can beautify your home without spending too much and give a second use to what you previously considered garbage.

I hope these tips are very useful so that you begin to see your family budget relieved. The important thing is that, with the savings you manage to make, they can as a family set new goals to continue building their dreams.

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