Impressive Video Captures How A Piece Of Furniture Falls On Twins And One Of Them Tries To Save His Brother

The chilling video captured by a security camera in the children’s room is being viewed by thousands; her mother couldn’t hear the cries.

Brock and Browdy are twins and although their parents knew that having male twins was going to take a lot of their energy, they never imagined what could end up happening and that is why they are sharing their experience so that other parents can take the precautions that they did not take. .

Mother Kayli Shoff from Utah explains in an interview with KSL that she “usually listens to everything, but I didn’t hear the big bang.”

The chilling video shows how the twins decide to play with the dresser in their room. They open the drawers and use them as steps to climb to the top, what no one noticed is that the weight of both children would be enough to tip the heavy furniture on top of the little bodies of both.

Posted by Kayli Oliverson Shoff on  Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The parents explain that when they woke up, they looked at the monitor in the children’s room, being able to observe that the furniture is on the floor, and they were playing around it, but they did not know if the dresser had fallen on them or not.

Although both are in perfect condition, their parents say they were terrified when they saw what had happened in the video.

“All parents should screw the furniture to the walls,” alert the parents of these little ones.

One of the children was the one who helped the other little one out from under the dresser.

The parents’ scare made them contact the Utah State Television Network to spread the word of alert to other parents and families who may not see this as a possible danger until it becomes a tragedy.

The alarming statistics

According to UK statistics (to cite an example), 500,000 children under the age of 4 suffer from accidents at home annually. Of these, fire is the most common and most fatal type of accident.

39% of accidents that occur in homes are due to falls; ten children die a year in this country from falls from balconies or windows.

Most accidents take place in the living room of the home, but the most dangerous happen in the kitchen.

Incredibly, the numbers show that home can sometimes be more dangerous than transportation.

It is extremely important that the necessary precautions are taken to avoid any type of accident. Securing sockets, furniture, cupboard doors, especially those that contain objects or substances that can be deadly for children.

Firearm Accidents

According to what was published by the Washington Post, around 265 people were accidentally shot by a minor.

It is essential that firearms are treated with the utmost care, even if there are no minors in the house, we know that the presence of a firearm also increases the chances of suicide, especially among adolescents.

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