I’m Getting Gray Hair!

When I occasionally found a gray hair, I would pull it off with amusement, it was my triumph over it. I honestly did not laugh when I saw not one, but a dozen. So I set out to find another method to deal with them.

I was combing my hair and then it hit me. That white reflection in the mirror was not the reflection of the bathroom light but gray at my 36 years! I sat down and honestly didn’t know how to feel … sad because I’m getting “old”? Happy because I’ve lived a lot? Worried that now I’m going to enrich the dye sellers?

Age is relative

I remember when I was ten years old, I saw the young of twenty as “old.” When I was that age, I realized how little I had lived, and how much I needed to do and live; today is no exception. I am deeply grateful to God for lending me his life up to the present moment, for having had the opportunity to start a family and to see my children grow and develop. I am the woman that I am thanks to the good and not so good moments in my life, not for having a year less or more. In no way do I feel the way I thought I would feel when I was “almost forty” or when it was time to see gray hair and start thinking about whether I should paint it or just show it off.

Lee: The elixir has been discovered not to grow old. And the best, it’s free. Which?

See what matters most

What matters – after all – is how we have used the years that have passed; if we have filled them with experiences that make us wiser today or if we only lament over them. Keep in mind that this is only a matter of optics or attitude, like seeing the glass half full or half empty. It may be that the realization that time passes and that it also passes for you makes you sad at first, and that is when you should stop, remember and observe all the blessings of your life; especially the first of all, the fact that you are still here. The number of years or the hair color — in the end — doesn’t mean much.

The spirit does not age

When I was reflecting on this, I read the phrase “your body grows old without your permission, your spirit grows old if you allow it” and the text settled in such a way in my heart that I felt that it hit the spot. What difference does it make if gray hair starts to creep over your head! When the body warns that it reaches its moment of maturity, it is just the moment to unleash the spirit. What things do you have in mind that can rejuvenate your spirit? Laughing, playing, and enjoying the moment are just a few suggestions.

Your beauty does not go away, on the contrary!

If you remember your elementary classes, you surely know that the flower, being fertilized by pollen, envelops the fruit and lends its beauty and aroma so that a nutritious and tasty fruit is born from it. Your beauty does not go away, on the contrary! Gray hair is beautiful —with and without tint— and they are your natural warning to look beyond appearances, and observe the fruit you have been working on since you became an adult. Do not lose sight of it and keep working on it, because that is your true wealth and your true beauty.

Do not forget: Your body ages without your permission, your spirit ages if you allow it. If you want to delve into the subject, I invite you to read the following article:

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