If You’re Really In Love, Your Brain Will Do This (i Never Would Have Guessed It)

Discover the symptoms that only a brain in love produces in your body …

We all know the expression “butterflies in the stomach” to refer to the feeling that fills us when we begin the stage of falling in love.

Experts in the field have told us that these butterflies are nothing more than chemicals in our brain such as oxytocin, also called the “love hormone”, which is produced when we exercise, eat certain foods and make us feel pleasure and Of course when we fall in love

When we are in the stage of falling in love and everything seems magnificent to us, we enjoy them a lot because our brain and body are full of hormones that help us precisely to experience all those sensations in physiological preparation for a long process that leads us to seek to bond with someone and wish to have children. So biology fulfills its mission in our life.

But is it just that our brain is full of chemicals to make such important decisions under their influence? On the contrary! This is the amazing thing about our brain.

While nature does its thing and hormones put us on “the path of love” when making serious decisions, the brain changes its chemistry and allows us to think!

The neuroscientists Nestor Baridot and Pablo Annecchini, after much research, published in their book «Take advantage of your brain to improve your memory, make better decisions and take advantage of your full potential» that when we are going to make important decisions the following happens:

The frontal lobe is activated and the functions that make us reason, compare and choose

So in a moment, the entire sea of ​​hormones begins to calm down and the functions necessary for thinking and reasoning break through. The important thing is to breathe and allow the logical part of the brain to do its part, learn to stop, control emotions and promote reflection. This helps a lot and will save you from making a lot of mistakes.

We spend a lot of brain energy and you get exhausted

Love makes us lose our minds, you even lose the sense of time and suddenly even mealtime goes away and you stop eating properly or vice versa, you start to overeat and gain weight. The important thing here is to remember that you must eat well, rest and nourish your brain so that it performs its functions properly.

Body reflexes are activated

A dear teacher told us that once we made the decision to get married we should take off “love glasses”, glasses that make us see everything pink and beautiful but that are not recommended to use when making decisions She recommended that the decision be made “with eyes wide open” because once we were married, we had to close them again and put on the glasses of love.

When you make decisions, your senses are tuned so that you can see and hear clearly and the brain can reliably have the information it needs.

The subconscious is the one that decides first and then the conscious where it rationalizes

In the mind and body there are hormones and reasoning processes, so I recommend:

Enjoy the love! Enjoy the romance! But once things get serious, take some time alone, to breathe, relax, have peace in the sea of ​​chemicals and then think, reason and make the decisions that lead to the happiness that lasts and that unfortunately many confuse. with pleasure comment.

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