If Your Son Finished College And Can’t Find A Job, This Article Is For You

If you are about to leave university and you don’t know which way to go, this article will help you find an answer to your questions. Get that big unemployment problem around after college.

Many of us started a professional career hoping that after graduating we could make a radical change in our lives. We dream of becoming economically independent and being a support to our own. However, establishing a job is not as simple as one might imagine; here my story:

I was willing to work after I graduated, either in what I had studied or in a similar trade; as long as the job was honored. It was six months before I was able to find my first post-college job: secretary, with a schedule from seven in the morning to seven at night; I earned little in relation to everything I had to do, my boss had a bad temper and was always yelling; There wasn’t a day that I didn’t come home crying and was frustrated by the situation. I stayed there for only seven months, I was fired and to be frank, that was a relief. The following year I found another job; This time, one of my college classmates helped me locate him: I worked for another seven months in a Non-Governmental Organization –as organized civil society is now called– that did community work for low-income people; it was a rewarding experience.

The job search started again, but as much as I searched and went to interviews, it seemed that my experience and my studies were not enough, because each job had a different requirement and sometimes unlikely demands. Time passed and I just couldn’t get a job again, permanent or temporary. Although the career I studied gave me the opportunity to work independently, the occupation was not constant and the money was not much; Then, I simply got discouraged, I decided to leave my country and try my luck elsewhere; the rest is another story.

This is not only my case, and it does not only happen in my native country, Colombia; It happens to many people and in an effort to prevent you or your children from experiencing something similar, here are some tips that would have helped me a lot if I had had that knowledge before finishing my studies:

Choose calmly the career to study

It does not matter the job or what you decide to do with your life, the point is that you like it and you are passionate, if not, you will be a failed person in a world full of opportunities that you will not know how to take advantage of or are not for you.

Keep in mind that currently a professional career is not enough

Today, companies to hire require from the applicant at least one year of experience and specializations or postgraduate degrees, so that if the study of the profession that has been chosen lasts five years, look for work while you are in your final year, this in a preventive way, given that you will finish your career together with other people at the same time and you will not want to be left vacant; meanwhile, think about doing a specialization that will provide you with more opportunities in the future.

Start working on your resume or resume, in order to always look for a better job

Ask your college career advisor, or someone you trust and have experience, to help you create your resume to make it look as professional as possible.

Create a regular routine that doesn’t force you to stay up late and doesn’t leave you “knocked out” until noon.

This is so that when you have a job with a more “normal” schedule the change is not so abrupt.

Work out where you will live after graduation

If you have been lucky with the job search and with this you want enough to become independent, look for an apartment that meets your needs and prepare the move; But if what you plan is to stay in your parents’ house, mentalize yourself to adjust and live their way again.


Even if you have a good job, you don’t know when your situation could change; so the most prudent thing is that you have a monetary reserve for emergencies or difficult times.

Plan your expenses

You already have a job and in one way or another financially sound, so, even if you live with your family, you will have to assume some expenses and contribute money at home: plan your expenses in advance so that no expenses take you by surprise; remember to include money for your savings in that budget.

The end of academic life does not represent the end of our existence as members of a family. Rather, it is the beginning of a series of changes in life that will prepare you in one way or another to take on greater responsibilities, such as establishing our own family or business. These tips not only apply to young people who have just graduated, but can also be used by people looking for a more secure future full of better life chances.

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