If Your Man Does These 12 Things To You, He Will Break Your Heart, Without Doubt

The man you love has the ability to make you happy or destroy you. If he’s doing these 12 things to you, he will undoubtedly break your heart.

Men, our weakness, and the source of infinite happiness or absolute destruction. They are all different and unique, but they all share certain characteristics that will make them more or less likely to rise to the sky and stay there, or to rise and then descend in the worst free fall of your life.

Women tend to put our hopes in every relationship we have, and no one can blame us; In our search for the perfect partner, we always believe that if we are with someone who is not, we will still have the opportunity to change him and make him the model of man we are looking for. The Bad: This NEVER happens like this.

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There are 12 things that a select group of our male partners do and that if your man is doing them to you, the best thing is, you get out of his side as quickly as possible, and in the opposite direction.

1. Introduces you by your first name

Small GREAT detail. If you are married or just dating, and he introduces you by your first name instead of introducing what you represent in his life: wife or girlfriend, chances are that he still feels single and ‘throw a little hair in the air ‘, be in your future plans.

2. Avoid your family

As much as he has the ability to lie to you and pretend that everything is fine, men have a hard time facing the woman’s family and hiding the wolf they carry under the sheepskin.

Bad intentions can generally be perceived by people who love you, and they know this, making them feel vulnerable.

3. He says yes to almost everything you propose, but when was the last time he took the initiative?

Unfortunately, this shows that although he has a good time with you (usually), you are not one of his priorities, if he has nothing else to do, then he will say yes to you, but just in case, he will wait until the last moment, to see if there is a better option than spending time with you.

4. He repeats that he is not sure how he feels about you or if the life he leads with you is what ‘he wanted’

Seriously? Yes, seriously, they tell you this so that you are all the time focused on what he needs and how you can make him happy and become the woman he dreamed of. Don’t waste your time with someone who has to ‘keep you on edge’, as my grandmother used to say, just because he doesn’t really know what he wants.

5. Keep in touch with your ex-partners

«We are friends, what do you want, that I don’t talk about them anymore? Yes, that is exactly what you want, because this is how it works. The truth is that where there was fire, ashes remain, so the story that he is friends with his ex-partners is just that: PURE STORY.

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6. It confuses you

He doesn’t introduce you as his girlfriend or wife, but when he sees that you are realizing that things are not quite right, he suddenly behaves like a man in love. As soon as he gains your trust or ‘blinds’ you again, he returns to being the same distant man he has always been.

7. It has secrets and they are obvious

He even takes a bath with the phone, takes it everywhere with him, and if by those coincidences of life he leaves it forgotten in the kitchen, or cannot find it, he behaves as if he were experiencing the symptoms of a heart attack (at least until he finds it and makes sure you haven’t touched it.)

8. Having an honest or deep conversation with him is more difficult than climbing Everest running

He hates the topics where his feelings for you are raised, how he sees the future together, what plans he has for the two of you, and how they can improve your relationship. This is where you realize that the only one in this relationship is you.

9. When he doesn’t know what to answer to your inquiries, he accuses you of being ‘CRAZY’

Why do you carry the phone with you everywhere, do you have something you want to hide? Her answer is something like: «Have you gone crazy?», No. You are not the one with the problem here, but obviously calling you crazy is a way efficient that he has to ‘get the problem out of the corner’.

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10. He still tells you that he’s not sure if the two of you should continue together (but he’s not leaving)

Obviously there is a certain comfort and security that your company offers him, and that’s why he doesn’t go away. However, if someone else (who was safe) appeared on the horizon, you would be removed from the photo, immediately.

11. You are never ready for the next step

If you are dating, you are not ready to get married; if they are married, he is not ready to be a father; If you already have children, you are not ready to fix the problems you have as a couple. The lack of commitment on his part is evident.

12. Has a bad relationship with his parents, and not because they are the bad people

This speaks volumes about a human being. Obviously, there are bad parents and they may have a bad relationship because they wanted it that way, but in general, this is usually a sign that you should run to the other side.

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