If Your Answer Is “yes” To These 5 Questions, You Need To See A Doctor Right Now

If you consider that your health is one of the most valuable treasures in your life, I invite you to answer the following questions and do not ignore your answers.

Health is one of the most important aspects in the life of any person who loves and values ​​himself. Without a doubt, staying in a healthy physical state has become, today, a priority for millions of men and women around the world. Taking care of yourself, exercising and maintaining a balanced diet are some of the purposes that people, today, consider for their own lives.

Due to the increase in diseases and illnesses that have been registered in the last century, it is that now, more than ever, modern society has tried to cultivate a culture of prevention and timely care. However, even in these times, it is common for people to prefer to stop going to the doctor, rather than receive bad news about their health.

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However, understanding that taking care of the body should start from when it is healthy or, precisely, when it gives us the first signs that something is not right, can be very useful.

Therefore, if you – my dear reader – are interested in leading a really healthy life, here are 5 important questions to which, if you can answer with a yes, you should go to your doctor immediately.

1. Do you feel tired all the time?

Apparently, tiredness is part of the lifestyle of the generations living in this new century. Due to stress and the fast pace of everyday life, people consider that being constantly tired is something that falls within the normality of these times.

However, understanding that being sleepy all the time, getting tired for no reason and presenting almost permanent fatigue is not normal, it should be a reason for you to go for a medical check-up. Diseases such as diabetes, anemia, chronic fatigue and even cancer, can be part of this NOT normality.

2. Have you noticed any change in the tone and texture of your skin?

If, indeed, you have noticed that your skin – in any of its areas or in its entirety – has taken on a yellowish, greenish or reddish tone; If you notice rashes, spots, moles, warts or a texture that you did not have before, do not think about it and go to your doctor. The skin is the largest organ of the human body and therefore, any abnormality that it presents can be a sign that there is some physical alteration.

3. Do you have constant bleeding?

A hemorrhage – whatever type it is – should not be considered as something normal or natural when it becomes repetitive. In fact, before the first manifestation of this type, it is important that you go to your medical unit to be checked and explain the reason why this hemorrhage occurred. Even more so when you have detected that it has become recurring and without apparent explanation.

4. Does your head ache more than once a week?

It is true that headaches can be non-serious and very common conditions in our modern society. Being related, this type of pain, with stress, neuralgia, migraines and other diseases generated by the fast pace of life, have become seemingly irrelevant conditions.

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However, if you have noticed that these pains occur with great intensity three, four or more times a week, do not resist any more and go to your family doctor so that together, they can rule out any serious illness.

5. Has your appetite decreased considerably?

Now, if in recent months you have noticed a significant and obvious decrease in your appetite, do not consider it as something normal, much less as something good. On the contrary, if your answer has been a forceful “yes”, I urge you to investigate the reason for this. Remember that loss of appetite can be related to anything from very simple to very serious.

Finally, if you have answered “yes” to all or at least one of these questions, the time has come for you to love, take care of and protect your health as the most precious treasure in your life.

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