If You Think You Are Capable Of Giving These Three Things To The Man You Love, He Will Never Leave Your Side

To keep the man of your life, you always have to be attentive to everything around him and especially to yourself and what you give him.

“Love and do what you want. If you are silent, you will be silent with love; if you scream, you will scream with love; if you correct, you will correct with love, if you forgive, you will forgive with love ยป, Saint Augustine. When you have the great fortune to find that person whose qualities you have longed for for years in a single man, your greatest fear is that of losing him sometime, that’s why you look for the way that he never leaves your side, because you know that that person that causes you so much happiness when listening to him, when seeing him, that he is able to make you feel the most beautiful, intelligent and complete woman, true love, the ideal boy, your perfect man you will only have him once. To achieve this, I recommend you carry out these three points with which you will not fail in your purpose:

1) Support

In the strict sense, the word ‘support’ means to support, however in a relationship its meaning is considerably expanded and here several types can enter: a) Emotional. This is the one that is provided in the most complicated moments that your husband can live, the loss of a loved one, a job or anything that is significant for him and you can carry it out in several ways; words of encouragement, with a hug, a kiss, a holding of the hand or even with a single look. The support must be unconditional, that is, you should not condition it (if you buy me a perfume I will help you write your letter) or throw it in your face (I did take care of your mother when she was sick). b) Professional appearance. For your husband this point is more important than you think, because that is where he can develop in the workplace and with it what he can give to his family.

2) Trust

This is one of the most difficult points to carry out one hundred percent, because trust is to believe in a person in all his perimeters: Fidelity is to fully believe in your partner, if he tells you that he wants to go out with his friends you do not have to What to distrust, on the contrary, you must have full security in him and in his love for you, he, like you, also needs to be distracted and leave the routine to return home full of positive energy and missing his family. The same in his future plans, avoid underestimating his ideas, if you support him in his decisions I assure you that he will see more possibilities that he will achieve his goals which you can be sure are for your benefit mainly, and if the goal is not reached desired, requires your full support to try again as many times as necessary.

3) Intimacy

The sexual factor is one of the most important for many men. After a few years this factor can become monotony and heaviness if a variation is not sought in it. Women who only have intercourse when the husband wants to are also unsuccessful because their partner makes love to them, to substitute only sexual satisfaction, which does not feed love. That is why I recommend that you have the initiative from time to time and when you do, prepare something that may surprise you, buy sensual clothes, decorate your bedroom, prepare a romantic candlelight dinner, your favorite food and music to set the moment. You can leave him messages in which you make him see that he is still the man with whom you are still madly in love and that you only hope to see him with anxiety.

He always seeks to inspire him, conquer him, motivate him to achieve his dreams, so that he can create them, stimulate him so that he does not stop believing in him and realizes that you are his main engine to be happy.

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