If You Talk To Your Pet, You Could Be Smarter Than Other People

We knew them! Come here mommy puppy!

Currently, there are many people who have pets, and it is common to go for a walk in the neighborhood and meet at least five people with a pet on the road.

Love and empathy for other living beings has increased considerably in the last ten years, thanks to the many information and love campaigns that animal rights activists have carried out. Due to this type of animal awareness, the number of domestic animals living on the streets has gradually decreased and the number of adoptions has increased.

Men’s best friends

Dogs are the classic pets, and also the most loved worldwide. And honestly, it is not surprising, as they are very loyal and intelligent, which allows them to learn to relate and communicate effectively with human beings.

This incredible relationship has made it possible to train canines to assist humans in unique tasks. In this way, and for some people, the relationship with this animal goes beyond a common friendship, as is the case with guide dogs, since it is a professional job that requires arduous prior preparation.

Although this beautiful relationship between humans and dogs is ancient, it is not the only close connection that we have achieved with another species, because today many of us also like the company of the tender felines who they are sweet and therapeutic life partners.

Recent surveys even claim that having a little feline friend in your life can improve your health. Feline owners have been shown to suffer fewer cardiovascular and mental problems, as their simple company and love can make big differences in the lives of their owners.

Empathy and communication

For people, faces are almost always the fundamental axis to feel empathy and also to achieve association with their own species. In addition, the eyes are a great key to communication and social life.

Most of the time, for humans, everything that has eyes tends to humanize almost unconsciously, whether or not they have the ability to speak or move. A clear example of this is talking to our friends, the pets, and even pretending that they respond to us with little children’s voices.

In fact, far from being an unreasonable or strange behavior, scientists relate it to a special type of human intelligence called anthropomorphism, which is characterized by humanizing objects, plants and animals.


As the scientist Nicholas Epley puts it in his study:

“Some psychologists have used the term anthropomorphism in an imprecise way, to describe everything from erroneous inferences about non-human agents, to almost any type of dispositional inference about an agent that is not human. Because it is about attributing some human characteristics or behavior to a god, animal or object.

This specialist argues that there are really specific primitive reasons why the human being tends to anthropomorphize objects. One of them is to have a face or eyes, as it generates immediate empathy. The second is the natural need of each person for reciprocal love and affection.

By understanding in this way how each of these markers of human behavior works, it is easy to understand why this way of humanizing is essential for the intelligence and evolutionary survival of humans, as it is a fundamental part of verbal communication.

In addition, it also manifests itself as something necessary to link humans and animals more closely, since the human being, being a social being by nature, always seeks to form connections with other species.

Talking to pets is smart

Despite the fact that according to the professor Epley “Historically, anthropomorphization has been treated as a sign of childishness, foolishness and stupidity”, the reality is that it is a natural by-product of the human empathic tendency typical of the evolution of communication.

And indeed, there is nothing wrong with it, since it is an evident and forceful display of intelligence in a person at any stage of life. In addition, it is a beautiful way to show affection and love to our life partners, since most people do it even when they do not say it publicly.

So, if you still do not have a pet and you were thinking of acquiring one, this is another incredible good reason to cheer up and open your heart in addition to your home, to a new member to complete your family. A pet can stimulate your cognitive development and physical health, improving your quality of life while filling you with love and light.

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