If You Take Care Of Yourself, Then You Must Take Care Of What You Eat; So Be Careful With These “foods”

These “foods” although very tasty little by little destroy your body, both inside and out.

There are foods that, thanks to their nutrients, improve your mood, others control glucose levels, some regulate stress levels and others cure illnesses such as ulcers, purify your body, improve circulation and even others lower cholesterol levels. .

However, there are “foods” that, rather than nourish you, cause your body to gradually deteriorate, causing your body to show the consequences of consuming them without control over time.

The pages Elle de EspaƱa, mujer hoy, and vix share valuable information about the foods that gradually age your body both inside and out. You will find them below.

Soft drinks (sodas, sodas)

Due to its high sugar content, it causes cells to die long before their normal cycle (those of the epidermis live 2 weeks and red blood cells 4 months, others are born and live as long as we live)

Reconsider substituting for natural, unsweetened fruit juices.


Some of these foods are: rice, oats, cereals, wheat, barley to name a few. Since consuming them makes you fat, in addition to that they can deteriorate the health of your heart according to the heart foundation page, eating them in excess makes your skin wrinkle as they increase blood sugar levels.

Trans fat

Foods that have this type of fat are: French fries, cereal bars, margarines, croquettes and all pre-cooked packaged products).

They are known to be very harmful to the heart. They are found in most processed foods and saturate the arteries with fat, plus they only fill you with calories without any nutritional value.


It is not about eating everything simple, both in the case of salt and sugar the trick is to eat in moderation. In the case of salt, the recommended daily amount is 2,300 mg, and that’s if you don’t suffer from high blood pressure; if that is the case, the consumption should not exceed 1,500 mg per day.

Eating foods with a lot of salt causes fluid retention, bloating, and cardiovascular problems.


It has dehydrating effects on the body, so taking it in excess affects the toning of the skin.

Change its consumption for aromatic or herbal infusions or fruit juice.


The effects are very similar to those of coffee and even worse, apart from the fact that the damage to the liver is devastating.

Very spicy foods

readHave you ever wondered why you are always hungry?

It has a dilating effect on blood vessels, making them fragile and more susceptible to ruptures, in addition, the skin loses elasticity, tone and color.

Red meat

Today there are many more people who have chosen to remove it from their diet and it is not a bad idea since the digestion of meat takes several days for the body to process and discard it, it also causes uric acid to accumulate in the joints. generating joint inflammation.

It is recommended that it be consumed 2 times a week since it is rich in carnitine, a substance that in excess causes the capillaries to harden and this causes premature aging.

Preservatives and artificial colors

They have sulfites, a substance that goes directly to the blood vessels that are branched all over the skin. This accumulation causes the skin to lose elasticity causing premature wrinkles to appear.

Refined or simple hydrates

Within this group of foods are: Sugar, beer, wine, white flour, tea, soft drinks, cakes and cookies in general.

These have a high glycemic index that causes elasticity in the skin and muscles to be lost.

It’s not about being self-conscious for life from occasional little cravings, everything in excess is bad even the foods that are good. All food and drink should be eaten with caution and control to enjoy it and live better.

Remember what the saying goes: “You eat to live and not to live by eating.”

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