If You Snore You Are Sick: 5 Health Problems You Can Detect With Snoring

If your husband snores and won’t let you sleep, don’t lose your mind! Maybe you have a health problem.

I consider myself a tolerant person but a light sleeper, one of those who wake up with the least noise. So you can imagine that my tolerance reached its limit when my husband couldn’t stop snoring.

When I couldn’t take it any more, we consulted a doctor, thinking that he would prescribe some way to prevent her snoring. But, surprise, it was not something simple that could be cured with a bigger pillow or stop eating dinner at night: the doctor had several tests done to rule out any of these five health problems.

Will you accompany me to meet them ?:

1. From breaks: broken nose or deviated septum

Of all the problems, this is one of the easiest to correct: with simple outpatient surgery; And believe me, the lives of those who snore and those around them become much better!

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Broken or deviated nose problems can be due to an accident in childhood or even a very strong sneeze, due to the calluses that it generated. The otolaryngologist can identify and fix it with relative ease.

2. From infections: in the nose, throat or ear

Here the complications begin. When people start snoring, even a little bit, it is because they breathe through their mouths and that carries a host of viruses and bacteria to their throat, which will soon travel to the nose, ear and even lungs.

The infection can manifest itself with a bad odor when sneezing or on the breath. There are even cases in which when leaving the mouth open, the saliva that escapes reaches the ear and I do not even want to tell you the degree of infection that you may have.

3. Weight: overweight

This is one of the most common factors in men and women who snore. There is too much weight on the chest and everything gets complicated. The cure can be as easy or difficult as the degree of discipline you have with your body to order your diet and exercise routine.

As soon as a few kilos are lost, breathing improves considerably.

4. From strokes or cardiac risks

This is one of the greatest dangers that snorers face. When snoring, oxygen levels are reduced to such a degree that the brain can resent it and a stroke may appear. Just to rule out this problem, lose weight and go running to the doctor to carry out complete heart studies and give you the best indications to take care of your health.

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5. Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome

OSAS is basically suffered by people who, while asleep, simply stop breathing for brief moments. Can you imagine how dangerous this can be? The whole body suffers from many disorders for this reason!

The syndrome is directly related to heart attacks and sudden death, it’s that simple.

In the market you can find many products to stop snoring or reduce the volume of snoring; some do work, the problem is that it is only covering the symptom and not solving the underlying problem. It is as if the light on the dashboard of the car tells you that there is a lack of gasoline and you cover the light so as not to see it, it will stop bothering you but in a few more kilometers the car will no longer move and will leave you stranded.

I sincerely hope that this article has sown doubts and forces you to visit the doctor and rule out any serious problems.

I, for now, am going to sleep in silence and peace!

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