If You Don’t Know How To Be Alone, You Probably Won’t Love Yourself A Bit

The people who are most in love are the ones who love the least. Find out why.

They say “it is better alone than in bad company.” However, many find it difficult to accept being single to such an extent that they cannot even change their status from “in a relationship” to “single.” Why? They have to think, if sooner than quickly they are “in love” again, or whatever that means in the language of those who see love as a relay race.

It is not critical even though the last comment was read somewhat rude. We are in this or that way and it is about accepting what we cannot change and changing what we can and want, not making summary judgments. I just wanted to point out the obvious, and that is that the people who are most in love are those who love the least.

However, it is not that they have the heart of a condominium, this type of behavior responds rather to emotional needs and lacks that make them dependent on being in a relationship. The fault is not entirely theirs, or the experiences that made them so. Socially they have sold us the idea that being alone is bad. That surely the fault is ours for difficult, sick or anything else that makes us look guilty.

And there is also the other part: the one that is directly responsible for the fact that only through third parties we feel valued, complete, loved, and we always say yes to everything that comes close to us regardless of what that says about us, or what ends up provoking in our internal forum.

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Find out why you can’t be alone

You suffer from anuptophobia

Or what is the same: fear of being alone. A low self-esteem is the cause, in general, of this fear, which is quite common in both men and women, who the idea of ​​being judged makes them conform to being in a relationship even without wanting to be in that condition.

Feeling that you have someone

Traumatic experiences especially at an early age make us feel that we are not alone in the world, that if necessary someone will stand up for us.

Not knowing how to live with oneself

Sometimes recognizing who we are is more difficult than it seems, and the silence of loneliness tends to shout that truth straight in our faces; hence we like to have the voice of a colleague to silence those cries.

Expectations of others

There are families that have a very strong idea about everything that is manhood, and they demand that their children live up to their expectations; therefore, many gentlemen are of the idea that being conquerors is the best thing.

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It is one thing to be in a relationship for love and quite another, for fear. This type of dependency cannot be overcome without help, because its origin is usually deeply rooted in concepts such as the idea we have of who we are and how our life should be. If you are someone for whom being single is not an option, ask yourself: what void am I filling?

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