If You Do These 7 Things Don’t Be Surprised If You’re Still Single

How is it that some women are irresistible to men and others do not even look at them? If the latter is your case, this article can help you to know what mistakes you are making that drive men away.

Imagine that you are hiding behind the curtains in a room where worthwhile men are gathered, yes the kind to whom without hesitation you would accept an invitation to go out and be the woman of your life. Imagine that they have a very honest talk from men where they discuss the things they hate about women. Would you be interested in hearing that talk?

Surely yes! And who doesn’t, if as women one of the things that interests us the most is being able to find that man with whom we will share our life and happiness.

Here are the things that men do not like and even hate in a woman. If you are doing, not doing or neglecting one of these aspects, surely when you consider it you will become irresistible to more than one gentleman.

You neglect the female silhouette, weight and curves

No way, it must be said, it is undeniable! Curves drive men crazy, our bodies were designed to attract and like them, that is the biological truth, but often, some of us get careless, lose love and interest in ourselves and forget to look pretty and attractive.

The weight to men does not rush the weight should be clear to you, they like them chubby or thin but with curves! You can be at your ideal weight, but if your feminine forms don’t stand out, chances are you won’t attract much attention.

The curves speak of good health and fertility.

You don’t put emphasis on the lips

Our lips are the other focus of visual interest of a man, do your best to put a little color, make them look fleshy and healthy. Dry, colorless lips tell the opposite sex or that we are sick. Do not neglect this attractive point.

It would be like table

An overly serious woman who is not amused, who does not have a good humor and who does not even make a smile by mistake drives away the bravest. Men like the company of a woman who smiles at them, who is kind and with whom they can have a long and fun conversation, someone with whom they can talk about everything and feel comfort when things go wrong but if she is unable to transmit that warmth and happiness, they better pass by and look for someone else.

Too easy or frivolous

This is the great masculine mystery and feminine challenge. Men like to “conquer” but they also like women to give them “input” but how do you know how far? Women wonder, if you give in, you are an easy woman and if not, you are a bore that nobody wants, what is the perfect middle ground? That’s female art! Knowing how far yes and how far not because it depends on that he believes that he conquers us and that we fell at his feet or that we fall in love with him.

interesting right?

Unpleasant scent

There is no other way: men are attracted to a woman who smells good, not too perfumed, but simply smells good, a discreet aroma that is between adequate personal hygiene from her hair, mouth and all body odor to a soft perfume and fresh.

The aroma that we generate transmits the famous pheromones and allows our partner to know if we have chemistry with him or not. It is somewhat instinctive.

Women insecure or dependent on mom

If you are already older and you live too attached to your family, mom, siblings, pet and you are not a little daring, the most likely thing is that you will remain single for many more years. Men are looking for a woman who is willing to leave everything to form something together with him, an intelligent, loving, daring woman who trusts him but at the same time who knows how to run high when required.

Too masculine

Rude, punchy, with a mustache, stronger than him who takes more, uses too many rude words when speaking and for nothing wears a dress, sneakers or a little makeup and is far from feminine, it is not something very popular among boys.

It’s not about changing to please someone or being someone else in order to have a partner, it’s about polishing your attributes and enhancing how beautiful you already are.

Don’t lose heart out there, someone is already looking for you to love you. Don’t scare him away! Let him know you and he will love you.

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