If You Can’t Lose Weight And Use Sweeteners, This Is Why (you Just Have To Change This In Your Diet To Lose Weight Fast)

If you consume any type of artificial sweetener, this article will surprise you like me. I invite you to read it.

I am in shock! A few years ago I had a serious weight gain and with a lot of effort and dedication I managed to lose 35 kilos, since then I have tried to live a slightly healthier and more prudent diet and exercise. It has not been easy, I have gone back up several times but I immediately get back to diet and exercise and there I am taking it. One of the changes I made and the one that I have been more punctual in sticking to was to stop sugar and replace it with something that sweetens and is at hand, a little honey, stevia and I confess, almost always an artificial sweetener.

But walking through the networks and the internet, I came across the research that was published in Abc News by The Canadian medical Association Journal where they found that those of us who use any artificial sweetener such as aspartame, sucralose and steviocida regardless of their commercial name, all at the same time long periods lead to high blood pressure, overweight and cardiovascular or brain problems.

Terrible news, don’t you think?

The study also indicated that the risk of developing type II diabetes increases considerably, as well as the body mass index and that already made me want to cry.

Being able to lose weight faster or better also has to do with the consumption of these artificial sweeteners.

And here comes another important fact all sodas or diet drinks do not help you lose weight and do not improve your health.

And so?

Well, nothing, we simply must stop consuming as much as possible this type of sweetener. All without exception bring harmful consequences for our body in one way or another.

Some people are using as substitutes for sugar:

Agave honey

The agave is a plant native to Mexico to which medicinal properties have always been attributed, although its most common use is to produce the internationally known tequila. The sap that it produces forms the well-known “agave honey”

But in the same way, it has been discovered that this honey is high in fructose and that its consumption in large quantities can be equally harmful and even dangerous for our body, so it should be used very little and rarely.

Honey or corn syrup

When my daughters were babies, many people recommended that they put a few drops of this honey in the bottle so that the baby could enjoy milk or tea without knowing that this honey obtained from starch or cornstarch whose texture and consistency is like the honey from bees, hence its name.

Its use is very popular in pastry and confectionery, beverages and even fruit juice, but its caloric content is very high and therefore is closely related to obesity and many other health problems.

Natural stevia

The BBC called it the “miracle sweetener” because faster than light its sale and production went to heaven. The first negative points of the product were the cost, very expensive and the taste, as it is very similar to anise. I clarify, this natural sweetener is healthy when it is obtained from the plant itself and it is not processed because doing so and consuming it in excess also causes a lot of damage.

In summary:

The human body is not designed to consume sugars beyond those contained in fruits and vegetables, none of us should sweeten our meals and get used to the taste that each food has naturally.

Remember that candy can also trigger an addiction.

So for now I think I will reduce my consumption of stevia and get used to the idea little by little.

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