If You Are Aware Of These Signs, You Can Prevent A Heart Attack Up To 30 Days Before

There is much you can do today to ensure your healthy stay in the lives of your loved ones. You can prevent a heart attack by watching for these symptoms.

Alejandra was a loving family mother. I knew she had heart problems, but she suffered from a terrible disease that many adults have: she assumed that she would live just because, without taking the necessary and prudent precautions. ” I am strong” , he said. She had recently attended the consultation with the cardiologist, who had scheduled her for a major operation in a week.

That morning she was feeling a bit unwell, but she ignored her husband’s request to go to the doctor, considering that his presence was essential at work. Sadly, she suffered an acute myocardial infarction on the way to the hospital, leaving her husband a widower and a two-year-old baby.

Let’s make the silent epidemic speak

Cardiovascular disease is known as “the silent epidemic.” This is due to the serious risk they cause andhow untimely they are.

Alone in Latin America, 9% of people have high cholesterol, and 20% also have hypertension. If we add to this sedentary lifestyle, obesity and diabetes, the risk increases considerably.

With the pertinent and periodic medical studies, a healthy diet and regular exercise, we can keep the body healthy and strong and avoid these diseases. However, with so many races, anxiety and stress, we listen to our poor body only when it screams at us through a headache, a cold that brings us down, or some fatal accident, such as a heart attack.

In Mexico, for example, public spending on health is one of the lowest in Latin America (only 6.1% of Gross Domestic Product). Sadly, there is little culture of disease prevention.

Prevention is observing ourselves

The detailed observation of the changes in our body, can allow us to attend the incipient health problems that may arise. The issue is to know each other and know what to observe, and have criteria to judge what is healthy and what is not.

This care is more important, since the World Health Organization tells us that: ” 80% of myocardial infarctions and premature strokes (cerebrovascular accidents) are  predictable “.

Signs that should get our attention

Here are some signs that you should never ignore, as they can indicate that your heart is working at full speed, and you could have a cardiovascular accident.

Chest pain or discomfort

This symptom occurs at the time the heart attacks occur, but it can also be a warning. If you feel tightness in the chest, which lasts for several minutes, without apparent cause, it is important to see a doctor. Also be alert if you feel continuous stinging or burning in the area.

Pain in the abdomen

In some cases, this pain – if accompanied by nausea or vomiting – can also be an indication of a heart condition. If you have these symptoms, be on the lookout for other signs.

Fatigue and weakness in the body

If you try to rest for at least eight hours, but when you wake up you find yourself the same or more tired than the day before, your body tells you that there is a problem to attend to. The weakness also expresses that you work at forced marches. Avoid rationalizing these problems and ignoring them, it is important to find out what your body tells you with them and go to a specialist, at least to take note of your discomfort and help you prevent yourself.

Difficulty breathing

If you try to draw in air, but your lungs don’t seem to fill up, watch out! There are people who present this situation minutes before suffering a heart attack, although it is also a preventive sign that sometimes happens up to six months before suffering a cardiovascular accident.

Difficulty falling asleep

Specialists indicate that especially in the case of women, if sudden insomnia complications arise, you should add this symptom in your next medical check-up.


Any alteration in the heartbeat is a sign that something is wrong.

Swelling or circulation problems

Circulation problems and inflammation of veins and arteries are an unequivocal sign of a cardiovascular disorder; don’t overlook them.

Attention, care and prudence

Many of these symptoms alone may seem innocent to us. Some could say that they are the result of stress, some strong emotion, and even eating or sleeping badly. But if you have already presented some of these symptoms, and if you are reading this text and have discarded them, then here you are!

However, prevention has never been useless. Your body is a perfect machine, noble but precise.  Taking note of these signs is a great show of love for yourself and yours.

Don’t wait for the signs, invest in your health

Today, you can start the path to a healthier life. The moreinvest in your health, Trying to cover the advice of doctors to avoid these conditions, you will have a longer life expectancy.

According to the Heart Foundation, « The cardiovascular risk resulting from these factors is not a sum of them, but it is multiplied «. This means that if you try to exercise, but do not eat healthy, or avoid obesity, you are still at risk.  Every factor that we do not assume multiplies health problems exponentially.

We share specific ways to take care of your health provided by the who:

1 Take medical studies once a year

It measures blood pressure, blood lipids and blood sugar once a year.

2 Eat a healthy diet

Increase your consumption of fruits and vegetables, control sugar, fats, refined flours and alcohol. Integrate lean meats and vegetable protein into your diet. Remember that obesity creates dire conditions for you and yours.

3 Exercise frequently

It is recommended to dedicate at least 30 minutes a day to physical activities. This will improve not only your health, but your mood and stress management.

4 Avoid tobacco use

Quitting tobacco in all its forms: cigarette, pipe, cigar, causes an immediate improvement to your health: « the risk of myocardial infarction and stroke (cardiovascular diseases) begins to decrease immediately after stopping using tobacco products and can be reduce by half in just one year “, reminds us the World Health Organization.

The story of Alejandra that we read at the beginning of the article is very sad. Had she known the consequences of her actions, she would have run to the doctor. You have time today, yours want you close for many more years. Take care.

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