If The Marriage Makes You Fat, How Do You Lose Weight Together?

The couple that does not gain weight once they get married is very rare. Follow these little tips so that divorce is not what makes you thin!

Popular wisdom tells us that newlyweds gain weight; even, the belly that appears in men is often called “the curve of happiness.” And certainly feelings have a lot to do with weight gain and loss.

When the couple get married, they tend to eat more than they used to when they were single. The happier and more satisfied they are in their relationship, the more relaxed they become, the less they care about their personal appearance and the care of their figure, because they finally found someone: you no longer have to be “well” to attract attention and find a partner. Women in particular are more likely to gain weight, because they also experience hormonal changes: they start using contraceptives and neglect themselves. Once we’ve talked about this, let’s get down to business!

How to lose weight in marriage?

1. You should never, ever forget yourself

Always take care of your appearance, health, figure, beauty, happiness and personal fulfillment. Your husband fell in love with you for who you are, so continue to cultivate and develop your being so that her love for you never ends. And the same goes for him.

2. Think about your future children

Taking care of your weight affects the decision to have children and your future health. Think of your children, the family that you both would like to have and then go to work! The health of the couple is very important.

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3. Plan the menu

Plan a balanced menu that you both like, swap junk food for healthy snacks, especially when you go to see movies together or spend time alone.

4. Exercise together

Include physical activities in your agendas: walks, bike rides or definitely go to the gym together or exercise at home. Many couples start programs and diets together full of encouragement, but they make an old mistake that only hurts and damages the relationship: criticizing and competing, losing the main objective of helping each other and growing the relationship.

If you can’t work on fitness goals together, exercising separately is preferable to damaging your new relationship. Many young wives feel offended and hurt when their husbands lose weight faster and blame it on them, when they make rude comments about their eating, criticize them in any way for not reaching their ideal weight soon or having low strength of will. And there are other wonderful couples who coach and motivate each other, who develop the skills to work as a team and pursue the same goals and ideals together.

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5. Start your life as a couple on the right foot

There is no better way to start a life together than by creating good habits: healthy food, good rest habits, prudence in finances and interest and care for the health of both. Don’t wait for your weight to double or your husband to have a heart attack to get them to pay attention to being overweight. The rates of men under 35 who die of fulminant heart attacks is on the rise. For love, help her maintain a healthy weight.

Marriage is the ideal state of man and woman, in it, bonds of love are developed that will form strong families, where healthy and good children will be raised. Decide today that your marriage will last a lifetime and that you will have the health to enjoy it forever.

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