If He Would Not Love You Anymore, He Would Not Do These 8 Things With You Anymore

If he does this with you and for you, he LOVES YOU (men only do these things when they love).

How easy it is to believe that a person has stopped loving us, and how easy it is to be wrong about it. There are things that we stop noticing and we only focus on what we think is no longer there, when in reality, things are in front of our eyes.

Men, maybe a little more predictable than women, are only capable of doing certain things with the woman they love, precisely because they still love her, and these things should be a sufficient sign that he is still in love with you. , and that if there is something wrong between you, it is time for you to remedy it (but whatever it is, it is not a lack of love on his part).

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1. Does (whenever he can) those things that you hate to do

In my case, it is peeling potatoes; for whatever reason, there’s nothing I enjoy less than peeling potatoes. This is a sign that your husband still loves you, that you are still first on his list. Those days when he arrives and sees you “peeling potatoes” and immediately takes charge of the matter, you can know that he does it only because he loves you, he knows you like nobody else, he knows what you hate, and he does not mind having to do it for you, if only to give you the pleasure of not having to finish that task you hate so much.

2. “Whatever you want”, “whatever you say”, “whatever makes you happier”

You see when we get unbearable and can’t decide what we want to do or eat? He answers that what you decide will be fine for him. It’s a simple way of telling you that actually for him … what they eat where they go, is not something that worries him; what really matters is that you are happy, and that you are well.

Do not be confused and believe that why he answers this is because everything does not matter to him.

3. Calls you with your preferred nickname when they are having intimacy

He has not forgotten those little details that always drove you crazy every time you are together. Still pay attention to details; Intimacy with you has not become a procedure, it is something he enjoys and he knows that it is extremely important for him that you do it too.

4. Does those things that only you enjoy, and does them without protest (or with just a little grudge)

He still accompanies you to those parties that he hates and to those meetings or fancy dress balls that amuse you and that for him are torture. Again, he puts your happiness or well-being ahead of his and goes, just for you. If he could do what he likes, he would probably stay home, order pizza, and watch a soccer game.

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5. Try to finish the fights as quickly as possible

Time together has taught him that the more time they spend in a fight, the more damage they will do and the less they will resolve. He is the one who tries to calm the waters and help you forgive him, and if the argument was your responsibility, he forgives you quickly and tries to focus on something more positive for both of you.

6. Leave his cell phone and electronics away from him whenever you give an indication that you need his attention

It is very common for all of us to walk around the world glued to our cell phones, tablets and others. There is nothing more distracting than having a phone in front of you. He knows that it bothers you (as it bothers us all) to speak without being paid attention, or to be told that they are listening, and when you ask what you said, the other has no idea.

Your husband knows this and values ​​the communication you have built together, so he does his best to keep it intact.

7. He never threatens you with divorce

You would be surprised how many people threaten divorce to manipulate their partners. This type of game or “ritual” in which one threatens and the other obeys, is a dangerous game in which the one who threatens does not really feel love for her partner.

On the contrary, the absence of this word in a couple, not only denotes love, but also shows commitment.

8. He still tries to surprise you (even once in a while)

With financial commitments and especially with the arrival of children, surprises that involve money, become more rare in marriages. However, if he still tries to do things that surprise you, that don’t have to be something he bought you, but he brings you breakfast in bed, helps you with dinner, gets up before you and helps the boys before going to school.

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Everything counts, all these details and attitudes scream that he still loves you and that your efforts to keep them happy are really worth it.

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