If He Calls You Red But Chooses Black, Follow These 5 Steps To Understand What Your Man Really Means

They say that women are impossible to understand but gentlemen, you are not far behind! If your husband is an enigma and you no longer know how to understand him, this article, dear friend, is for you

There are few things in the life of the human being as complex as the relationship and communication between men and women.

We will never stop being an unknown for the opposite sex, there will always be something to discover and a new point to share the differences that separate us and that at the same time attract and captivate us.

When a woman and a man begin to establish a relationship, the construction of a common bridge begins where each piece is identified by both, but when we travel frequently, we forget that meaning that we had given it.

It is important that we always bear in mind that they and we understand the world and what happens in different ways and although we may have common goals, the paths we take may be different but not bad.

Allowing and encouraging our particularities will make us enjoy and strengthen the individual’s personality and continue to be interested in him or her because the relationship will never be monotonous.

He is practical

Therefore, he thinks of solutions, of practical and concrete things, he will tell you what he feels but until then, there is no more, it is not that he does not want to share more, he is practical.

Not a fortune teller

When you want something, ask for it, say it clearly, don’t imply it, don’t suggest it, much less wait for me to guess, the vast majority of guys don’t do that. You can be crying and make a whole scene but he won’t see it, it’s better when you can speak honestly.

They don’t talk like us

Talk for hours and hours and suppose, advance and all that we do, they do not live the present with more charity and you should not feel bad or offend, just learn their language and if you do not understand what they mean, ask them. say clearly.

I don’t understand it, but they really may not think!

Has it happened to you that you ask your partner what he thinks and he says nothing to you? And do you want to go crazy trying to understand and discover what or who he thinks of? If she tells you, it’s true! they do not think! Most of us do not stop the mind, we keep thinking and thinking without stopping They can simply leave their mind calm, can you believe it? Don’t feel bad or get angry.

Give him his space and time

Men require time for them alone, do their thing and just be away from us and it is not mean or angry with you. Do not seek to drown him give him his space so that he can need you and look for you with pleasure.

I think that understanding the men in our life is not as complex as it is for them to understand us. We are very lucky to have them, don’t you think?

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