If God Exists, Why Doesn’t He Hear My Prayers?

Sometimes terrible things happen to us, and we ask God for help, but nothing happens. But if God does not change your circumstance, it is because He wants to change you.

Diana considered herself a person of faith, until her world began to unravel. Her mother began to have emotional crises, and she would lock herself in her room for long hours, leaving her younger sister and herself without food or attention. She did not understand why the “God” they were talking about in church did nothing for them.   When hunger made her stomach ache, she would ask: “Jesus, I’ll sleep for a while, but if You help me and leave something hot on my plate, I’ll know that You love me.” However, that never happened.

When she was a teenager, she had a boyfriend who emotionally abused her. This affected her deeply, and the image of the loving Father who cared for her from heaven, was blurred even more.

If you ask her today, she will tell you that she does not believe in Him. That she has discovered that she helps herself more, is proud of what she has overcome and tries to teach her children to behave in the same way. Diana affirms this with a harshness that she doesn’t really feel. At night, when uncertainty robs him of sleep, he continues to chew on bitterness and disappointment.

Why doesn’t God do what I ask?

When we are truly needy and we know God’s promises, but we don’t see them fulfilled, we break inside. God is so clear when he promises! Let’s look at this text from Matthew: “ Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, he who seeks finds and to him who knocks it is opened ”(Mt 7,7-8).

But if you – like Diana – have asked without obtaining, have called and have not seen doors open, this article is for you.

Could it be that God is evil?

God’s revelations about himself, and the history of Christianity, show us that He is almighty. So, it seems logical to us to think: if God can do everything, what does it cost him to help me with this little thing? And when help does not arrive as requested, courage rises to our pores, and disappointment makes us bitter. Will God be bad? Will he gloat over our suffering? Will he like to see us suffer?

The answer to these three questions is NO! , He is a good Father, and as such He loves us more than anyone else in this world. In His word we can read many examples of these statements:

Not a pair of sparrows sold for a quarter? And yet not a single one falls to the ground without your Father’s order. Well, you have even the hairs on your head numbered. Therefore, do not be afraid ; there is no comparison between you and sparrows ”(Mt 10: 26-33).

Only – reading the quote above – you will notice that although God affirms that he loves us, that he protects us and takes care of us, he does not promise that nothing bad will happen to us. He affirms that ” not a single one falls to the ground without the Father’s order .” And here is a revealing clue that we will discuss next.

I believe in you if you do what I ask of you

When we cry out to God for help and feel unheard, we make the mistake of thinking that He does not listen to us, that he does not love us or that he wants to make us suffer. The obligatory step is to tell it that it does not exist. If you notice, it is a kind of interested and selfish love: « God, I believe in You as long as you do what I ask, like some kind of magical genius. If the insistent rubbing of the prayer lamp doesn’t “work” for me, I decide to cut you out of my life .

God is a unique, indivisible, omnipotent, eternal, all-powerful being. We can’t narrow it down to just one provider!

Why don’t you immediately give your spouse or children everything they ask for? Why do you allow your child to cry in disappointment when you deny him the toy he asks for or the way out he longs for? The answer will give you hope: because it is not the best thing for him or her.

He who loves, gives his best

Doing acts of service for the people I love is important to me. It’s the way I learned to give love. However, as a mom, I realized that if I tried to do everything for my little ones, instead of helping them, I was hurting them. I am in the process of learning to give what is necessary, as this is how I help them grow, instead of just spoiling them. Parents are tasked with wisely deciding what to give and take from our children, because we are responsible for their eternal salvation or damnation.

In the Gospel of Luke we read:

“If you are evil, you know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more do I  His  heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him?” (Lk 11, 13).

Do you notice the accent of this promise of God? He assures us that he will always give us good things. Here he answers your restless questions when you sadly claim that He does not do what you ask.

Who assures you that what you ask for is the best for you and yours?

Faith implies believing in Someone who loves you, who has power over everything and who cares for you. With that perspective, it requires acknowledging that Godknows more than you.

Imagine you are going on a plane. You are terrified of flying. Also, there is turbulence. Is it fair that you ask the pilot to land as soon as possible? Is it a good idea for passengers to riot and force him to “save” them in this way? It would not be wise at all. If the pilot is there, it is because he has studied, he knows what to do in the event of an unforeseen event, and he will take you safely to your destination.

The same is true with God. The turbulence of life suffocates us, and – in despair – we howl for help, in this context we dare to demand what seems best to us. But God wants to save us, not reassure us.

If God doesn’t change your circumstance, He wants to change you

In order to change our heart, make it pure and wise, a lover of what is good and true, God allows us to live very hard trials. Sometimes they tear our skin to shreds. And how much it hurts! However, it is never with a sadistic desire. He is always there accompanying us, pampering us . And His ways have the promise of Eternal Life for those of us who are faithful.

When we feel the water up to our neck, and our spirits falter, do not give in to temptation,don’t lose faith. Choosing to remove God from our lives condemns us to hopelessness. The wise thing to do is to hold on more tightly to the beautiful promises of God, who never ignores a faithful, patient and abandoned prayer.

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