I Want A Delivery Without Epidural Anesthesia, How Do I Achieve It?

Did you know that you have all the necessary tools to achieve a natural birth?

For centuries, women gave birth without any type of narcotic. As they say in my beloved land, Mexico, they gave birth to the “Mexican,” that is, only with great courage! Things began to change about forty years ago, when doctors began to create ways for women not to feel pain, or to reduce pain during labor. Nowadays, in this part of the world, it is very difficult to meet someone who has chosen to have a childbirth without any type of anesthesia, and the woman who decides to do so is faced with too many negative comments that lead many to doubt him

I will not deny it: at first, with my first child I never thought of having a natural birth. I assumed there was no need to suffer and soon I saw some doctors who do epidural anesthesia in more than 90% of the women who have their baby with them. However, my husband and I decided to take some classes before the birth of our son, to inform us about the process of labor, some facts about the human anatomy and care of a newborn baby. After the first class, we realized that the teacher was very “pro-natural”, and that the information she was giving us applied more to the woman who was not going to have anesthesia. I cannot deny that after that first class I felt the great desire to be able to do something like that, something inside me told me that my body was perfectly made for such a task. Still, I didn’t say anything, for fear that my husband would think I was crazy. You will understand the surprise that I got when, on my way home, while he was driving he told me:

“I have no doubt that you could do it.”

“Do what?” I asked him.

“A natural birth.” Of course, I’m not saying you have to, it’s your decision; but I have no doubt that, if you wanted, you would do it without any problem.

And so it was that we quickly decided that we wanted a natural birth, after hearing all its benefits and feeling the great desire to let my body do what it knows how to do, innately. Now, after having prepared myself for such an event, I can tell you that it takes determination and a lot of perseverance, because a natural birth is like running a marathon: you have to “train” throughout your pregnancy. I share with you some things that you should start doing if you are wanting a natural birth:

Daily exercise

There is a reason why it is called “labor”, and that is that it requires all our energy and concentration; therefore, we cannot reach it with our body in poor condition. Make daily exercise your goal: walking, swimming, Pilates, and yoga are great options for any pregnant woman. Try to focus on the strength, stability, and muscles of your legs, as they are the ones that will do most of the work.

Mental power

Just as it is essential that your body is healthy, it is just as important that your mind is prepared for the sensations that you are going to experience. Do not think from now on that you will not have the strength to do it, think EVERY day that your body is totally strong and capable of doing this. If you start reading and researching, you will realize that your body is specifically designed for pregnancy and to later bring the baby into this world. Never doubt yourself.

Eat healthy

To have a good delivery, your body needs to be strong. To do this, exercising is not enough: you need a healthy and sufficient diet, this is not the time to think that you are gaining weight. Apart from the famous fruits and vegetables, your body needs two things, more than anything: protein and water. Try to eat protein with every meal – eggs are a great option – and drink plenty of water.

Go to the right doctor

You need a doctor to support you in your decision of a natural birth, because the least you want is to be fighting with your doctor when you are about to bring your baby into this world. So interview several and find one who respects your decisions and does not pressure you to resort to anesthesia, if you have already decided that you are not going to use it.

A natural birth is just that: natural. It has been done for centuries and you have the tools to achieve it, if you decide so and you set your mind to it.

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