I Thought I Knew Love, Until I Held It In My Arms

We are capable of feeling many different forms of love; However, this type of love is different from all the others. I thought I knew love until I had my son in my arms.

All forms of love have their own characteristics and they are all necessary to make any human soul happy, as they have their levels of depth and importance. And there are many forms of love: the one that exists between siblings, the one we have for our parents, the one that occurs between good friends, and even the one we give to our partner.

Now, I am not going to pretend to know or say which of these loves is the greatest, because that is not the purpose of these words, but to share about a different type of love and, in many ways, deeper than all the previous ones: love to the children. In my personal experience, I really thought that I knew what love was until I held my child in my arms: it does not mean that my other ways of loving are less important, but in truth love for our children is very different, And it is for the following three reasons:

Is unconditional

Many may not agree with me, but the love we give to almost everyone is conditional. That is, it can fade either due to apathy or because of injuries caused by the other person. This is not the case with our children. We may not agree with their decisions, but whatever they do we love them. Indeed, this love does not die even if our children treat us badly, or even forget us. The love that unites parents and children is so strong that nothing can extinguish it.

Protective instinct

We can have a protective instinct towards many people, this is the common case between older and younger siblings. However, the protective instinct of parents to children goes much further, because it even challenges the survival instinct itself: we would not think twice about giving our lives for any of them, and we are ready to defend and attack when we feel that perhaps one is in danger.


It is not human nature to sacrifice, it is obtained through discipline and the will to want to be less selfish. But, this is not the case with children. For some reason, a father or mother is willing to sacrifice time, money, patience, hours of sleep, personal interests, etc., for the good of any of their children, and I must add that although it is difficult and difficult, this is does without thinking twice.

It is my hope that in the difficult days – those in which our children simply do not want to behave and our patience has reached its limit – we remember the reasons why we love them so much and that the love we have for them is not comparable – or it will be compared – to any other feelings of love that we feel in the present or that we feel in the future.

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