I Love Those People That When Everything Gets Difficult They Hold You Tighter

“Love me when I least deserve it, because it will be when I need it most.”

Over the years I have learned to value those people who, when the going gets tough, hold your hand stronger instead of letting go. They use their strength so that you don’t break, they spend their energy not to let you fall. They are there, and we do not always know how to value them.

In bonds such as love as a couple, friendship or filial love, it is not true that you have to put “a 50 and a 50” for the relationship to work. Expecting the other to give half and complete us is not good business. Think that sometimes we cannot give even 30% of ourselves, because we are not well, because we feel weak, frustrated or angry. Who loves us with aaltruistic love You will know that, in that case, you will have to give a little more.

Today for you, tomorrow for me says the saying. If we think that the relationships work by putting a 50 and a 50, the accounts can go wrong. I like to think that when I can’t give my best, there is someone who loves me to give a little more and help me put my broken parts together. And the next one will be the other way around.

True love helps you create the best version of yourself

We live in a society that looks at its own belly button, and it is not always easy to run into people who help you reinvent yourself, grow and dream. Human relationships are complex enough to always give a final verdict about what is right or wrong; however, many times you have been able to decipher that light on the path that told you “here it is. “

If it makes you vibrate, if it excites you, if it moves your most intimate fibers, there it is. And it applies to couple relationships but also to any affective bond, because love is love, which diversifies according to the degree of our relationships, ties, goals and life stories.

Therefore, you will know how to distinguish that it is true love when that person who loves you, with whom you shine and vibrate, helps to create the best version of you. It encourages you, it encourages you, and many times it also tells you things that you do not want to hear, but that you need to.

When all is darkness, true love brings light

Some years ago I experienced a dark and sad family situation. The world was crumbling at my feet and I couldn’t find comfort or a way out. All I had to offer was my grief, pessimism, and apathy for the future. But someone I (still) love very much was there not to let me down.

I admit that I was unbearable, and there were times when I no longer wanted to be with anyone. However, those who really loved me were there, firm. Because, as the phrase says: “Love me when I least deserve it, because it will be when I need it most.”

Life had taught me a lesson and openly showed me that even though the outlook may be bleak, the people who love us can hold our hand warmly but strongly to move forward and not down.

Signs of true love

We have all ever wondered , is this true love? As a mother, I do not believe that there is purer and more sincere love than that of a mother for her children. It is the only love that I dare to say is unconditional.

Despite this, in a more pragmatic sense of the word, love is a feeling that is not always reciprocal. Many times you feel deep love for someone, which is unrequited, and still you love that person. You feel true and pure love when you have that desire to see the other happy, to know that they are well, and nothing more. If the same does not happen to the other, to the same extent, in the same way that feeling in you does not change. And if you have children, you will understand this example perfectly.

When we fall in love, or when we form a close friendship or simply in our family relationships, many times we put “to the test” that love that we say we feel or that the other says they feel for us. If you’ve ever wondered about the “measure of love,” you’ve probably noticed that when there is frank and sincere love, it stays by your side despite the storms.

I love those people that when everything gets difficult they hold you tighter

That they respect our points of view without imposing their own.

That although we are down and weak, they do not lower their arms.

Who know how to forgive and understand, because they understand that our true essence is hidden in our sadness.

Who know how to wait, because they understand that great pain takes time to accept itself, and there they are, accompanying our silence.

They don’t judge or talk about our pain with anyone, because they understand the true meaning of loyalty.

That they are there to mourn with us, even if it is not a very encouraging plan.

That when things are difficult they tell us what sometimes we don’t want to hear, knowing that -although it hurts- they can take a great burden off us.

That always, but always, with a look or a hand on the shoulder they tell us “here I am.”

Do you know true love?

Privilege of few, although humanity runs after him as the only goal of life, love is the engine of the world; and even the most ruthless person in the universe seeks in the depths of his soul, to be loved.

If you have already met true love you have surely been able to learn a lot from it and rejoice with its fruits. It can come from a mother, father, good friend, husband, wife, children, etc. True love is felt, but it is also built and worked in order to preserve, care for and cultivate it.

Value all those people in your life who love you, and who never let go of your hand when the going gets tough. If, despite everything, they are still by your side, that’s it. Is love.

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