I Can’t Change The Past, But I Can Change The Present

It is time to recover your life and learn to enjoy your present. Let go of the past with these tips!

His tears were like rivers that spilled over his cheeks, although at times he took a breath to breathe and calm down a bit, he would cry again. His pain and sadness were so great that my heart shook when I heard his story. Sometimes he would hug her tightly to convey empathy, he would give her disposable tissues and even a cinnamon tea to help her feel better.

He began to tell his story from his childhood, with the death of his motherwhen he was still beginning his adolescence; He missed her a lot and felt a great regret in his soul because he did not have time to say goodbye to her, since he did not understand what was happening. She continued to cry until she told me that she regretted having married so young because she had chosen a bad man as the father of her child, even saying that her divorce was the worst thing she experienced at that time.

He took a deep breath and fell to the ground, asking God to allow him to know him so that he could be in him in his kingdom and be next to his father who had also passed away three years ago. When he sat back, he sat on the sofa, had a drink of tea, and continued with his story.

“A few years ago I found out that my son has an incurable disease, which is not fatal but degenerative,” said Ana. “All his life he will have to take medication to control himself, that is devastating.” She went on to say that she had fallen in love with a man who loves and respected her very much, but who was very bad at making decisions, which has led to her ruin and disappointment, feeling frustrated.

This story can be devastating and terrible, but it is an excellent example of how many people continue to live and think about the past without looking at the great spectacle in front of them, which is present.

Heal to enjoy a new life

Last it is part of who we are, it is the basis of how we act and think; it is undoubtedly part of our essence and personality; the good or bad things we experience greatly influence our outlook on life and how we project the future.

Unfortunately, there are people who have a great facility to be reliving the pain of the past every day, without being able to look beyond, as if they could not find the exit of that dark and immense tunnel that only causes depression and sadness.

The worst thing is that this feeling causes them to remain static, unable to move forward, unconsciously taking them on a path of destruction. There are even people who think that their past was so happy and wonderful that they do not enjoy the things they have in the there and now, which causes them to have an unhappy life full of frustration.

Therefore, we can conclude that thinking about the good or bad things of the past is not really healthy, nor is it necessary, because it will be an obstacle that prevents us from enjoying the present.

How to leave the past behind and focus on the here and now

1 Let it go, let it go!

There is no other option than to make the decision to let go of the past, let go of all the pain that exists in your soul and deposit in an imaginary box all your feelings and emotions, such as resentment, hatred, revenge, guilt and others that prevent you. heal and feel good. Remember that it is a decision that only you and no one else can make. It may be difficult but if you put your mind to it, you can achieve it.

The key is to learn from the past, analyzing the positive things that exist in each bad experience of life. For example: a person who lost her job may complain about not having money; however, now you will have more time with your family, and time to find a better and more paying job.

2 Unburden yourself and share your experience

Experts suggest some techniques for letting go of the past, such as sharing your painful experiences with close people such as friends, family, or professionals. In this way, you seek empathy, support and advice from people who really appreciate and love you. That way you can free yourself from your burden.

They also recommend write letters without the need to send them. Through writing you can clearly express your feelings and emotions ; The main idea is to be able to write down all the negative experiences and the pain that you feel in those moments. This is a way to vent and free yourself from what has hurt you for so many years and that will help you get to know yourself.

3 forgive yourself

Many times we carry a sack on our shoulders full of regrets, guilt, resentment and hatred, which are undoubtedly unnecessary and only affect your health. It is essential to understand that the things you did wrong can no longer go away, therefore, it will be more productive to learn from the mistakes of the past and forgive yourself for not having done what you think was right.

Look inside yourself for the reasons and the origin of your actions, those that led you to act that way, so you can have a clearer picture of how you are going to face your present and future.

4 A daily goal

An effective way to stop thinking about the past is to set goals daily, one at a time, and commit to meeting them. They should be things that you can easily do such as: “Today I will go for a walk with my pets and I will dye my hair.”

When you meet your daily goal, you realize that you are enjoying your present and that the time has come to let go of what hurts you, simply because you are working on yourself. Dare to challenge yourself and make today the best day of your life.

5 Thanks

Thank God and life itself. Begin to realize that you are: a blessed and fortunate person, that you have health, work, people who love you, food and a safe roof to rest and live. Be grateful that you can walk, see, smell, touch, speak, be grateful for every beat of your heart and cell of your body. By doing so, you will learn to enjoy your present and begin to appreciate everything that surrounds you.

Put the stormy past into oblivion and focus on the here and now. You can achieve it, you are a strong, intelligent, courageous person and very capable of getting ahead. Trust yourself!

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