How To Teach Your Children Not To Be Afraid Of The Dark?

When little ones are between three and five years old, a lot of things scare them.

When the little ones are between three and five years old, it is very natural that they are just discovering the world and there are many things that cause them fear, however, it is important that you remember that fear is the most natural feeling that any human being experiences, before The unknown. Around the world, according to what some figures from the University of Murcia in Spain indicate, one in three children fear the dark, this being perhaps the most widespread fear during childhood.

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In this way, it is important that you know that this fear is something totally temporary, as long as it is worked properly. That is why the study carried out by the Department of Psychology of the University of Murcia in Spain, recommends some techniques that can facilitate this process, thus making it not so complicated for your children and for you.

1. Don’t minimize their fear

Parents often make the serious mistake of enunciating expressions such as: don’t be a coward, don’t go crying, you shouldn’t be afraid, and so on. The only thing that these types of phrases generate is more fear and anxiety in the little ones. Qualifying your fear as an emotion that is not important is a serious problem. What should be done in such cases is to explain what darkness is and what are the reasons why you should not fear it, without yelling or scolding!

2. Play some games with your child

There are some games that require that the eyes be blindfolded, for example: put the tail of the donkey, the blind chicken or even break a piƱata. At home, you could try these types of games to get her used to what it feels like when there is no light. When the blindfold is on, explain that this is darkness and that there is no reason to fear it.

3. Leave some very dim light on

Get one of those lamps that connect to electrical power and emit a very dim light. The suggestion is that you leave it connected and that before it falls asleep, explain to it that it will stay on throughout the night, so that it feels calmer. If he wakes up at night and cries or screams, don’t turn on the light! Calm him with the light off, your voice will help him calm down and get back to sleep.

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4. Never scare or threaten him with those things

In an effort to make their children behave well, many parents scare their children by creating fears that are often related to the dark. Avoid doing this type of thing, since the only thing you will achieve is the process to overcome this fear, have a setback and you will not achieve effective results. Phrases like: I’m going to lock you in the room and I’m going to turn off the light or things like that, eliminate them completely from your vocabulary.

5. Go through the house together

Generally, fear of the dark is related to the fantasy that animals, people or objects are hidden in some places in the house that can generate fear. That is why the recommendation is that before they go to sleep they check spaces such as under the bed, inside the closet, in the holes behind the door or in any other place that you consider appropriate. Once your child sees that there is nothing, they will feel much more secure and calm.

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