How To Survive Being A Single Mother And Not Die Trying

If you are a young single mother on the verge of despair, I invite you to read this article and find a little light in the middle of the darkness

Being a mother in itself is a situation that fills the life of a woman with great changes; But when the woman who is going to be a mother is single, the challenges are doubled.

I am not the one to tell a young mother what she can or cannot do to make everything go wonderfully. Being a mother as well as being a father is not something that is taught in a school. It is a condition that is learned daily at the hands of the son that God has had the grace to lend you. For that reason, I think that when a child is born, a mother is also born and together they are teachers and companions of the same path of life that they choose to live.

Next I will expose some challenges that a single mother must survive and always emerge triumphant from every adversity.

Economic challenges are the bread and butter

You know it well, money when you have a small child is not enough. If you are one of the lucky ones who has a good job I am very happy; However, for girls who do not feel the same, I suggest these options

  • You can carry out handicraft workshops that are very fashionable now and are well paid.

  • Make special meals or even desserts to sell in offices.

  • An online job can be a relief and will partly meet some of the needs of both.

Do not forget that the father of the baby is in his right and his obligation to support the son of both financially.

Housework is never done

This is another detail that you know well. What I propose is the following: task that comes out, task that you are executing. Don’t let the small tasks accumulate, because in the long run there will be many small things to do.

Have time to play with the baby

It may be obvious, but it doesn’t hurt. You can have many occupations, but your number 1 role is to be a mother. Take time to be with your child, play and teach her little things according to her age. Those are actions that will strengthen the bond between the two of you in an indestructible way.

Family support is always necessary

It is all my wish that you are one of those women who were not left alone by their family for whatever reasons. If so, fortune has accompanied you. Be open to any help they offer to give you, open your ears to the advice they can give you, and stay close to them as much as possible. Believe me, they are a very valuable link for the roots of your son and for your existence.

Your emotional charge will need to be “released” from time to time.

With all the above said, the emotional charge is HUGE and sooner or later you will explode. If you don’t have a good friend who will “lend you her shoulder” to vent, your family members will always listen to you and will not judge you. Another option is to find a private place where you can cry, pray or even write in a personal journal the burdens of being a single mother, as well as the blessings that that experience is giving you in those moments. After that, I assure you that you will feel lighter and recharged with energy to continue.

I know that it is very likely that some of these options are familiar to you, however, there may be young people who still need and seek help. If you know of any, you can share your experiences with her and even this article. The best consolation you can have is knowing that you had the courage to raise your child with courage, and now seeing that little one grow up lovingly and healthy, that is the greatest reward for your sacrifice.

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