How To Strengthen Your Marriage Day By Day

It is not easy for anyone to keep a boat afloat and on the right course, but when you arrive at port, you feel that everything has been worth it.

On more than one occasion I have emphasized human imperfection, as we make mistakes, break hearts, generate wounds and even provoke wars. Even so, we are capable of loving and giving ourselves completely to the one we love, be it our children, our parents or our spouse. A marriage where love does not exist is impossible to maintain, but one where the flame is suffocating in routine and boredom NEEDS to be rescued, urgently. If you feel like your marriage is falling into a bottomless pit, or you want to make it strong as a diamond, read on and practice these little tips to strengthen the pillars of your love relationship, day by day:

Break the routine

Don’t let her be the one to break up your marriage, destroy her before she even thinks of getting close. Create spaces where you can learn together, either through something practical and romantic such as a cooking course, or an activity a little more daring, such as some extreme sport. Whatever activity you choose, change it every so often and don’t forget to do it as a couple.

Today for you tomorrow for me

My husband and I work, so we both came home quite tired. One way we show love to each other is by doing for each other what we want them to do for us. For example, he prepares dinner while I bathe the children, we have dinner as a family, and then I prepare the shower for him to relax. We both reduce the load of stress, relax and support each other. When we get to marriage, we forget that “caring” for the other person is a fundamental part of romance.

Communication is the key to success

Some time ago I met a quite unusual couple: a lot of smile, zero discussion and when giving opinions, both expressed opposite points. The truth is that I was shocked: How was it possible that having such different opinions, they had no problems? I sat down to talk to her and made my concern evident. Her response was, “We always talk.” At first glance, it sounded too simple, so I decided to give it a try. Every time I disagreed with my husband, we “talked” about it, to find an agreement. To be honest, we didn’t make it until the hundredth time. Talking with the couple is not just listening to what they say and shaking their heads, but exchanging opinions with respect, generating solutions based on the problems presented and, the main thing, before speaking, asking yourself: ¬ęDoes this offend me? Would I like to hear it? Does my comment add something to the subject? With this you will avoid the “vomit” of words every time something bothers you.

There are many things you can do to destroy your marriage in a matter of seconds, but the important thing is to always focus on the positive and let your heart do the talking, especially in situations where the spirits are “heated.” Say “I love you,” give a hug, steal a kiss, dedicate a song. Let the romance take hold of you at least once a day and you will see how your relationship flows naturally.

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