How To Motivate Your Child’s Teachers

Discover in this article how you can motivate those who directly shape the future of your children, the teachers!

Teaching, like other professions, requires a very solid vocation due to the fact of preparing classes and transmitting knowledge to boys and girls who have different characteristics of learning (visual, auditory, kinesthetic), behavior, education and values ​​given at home, as well like different ideas and customs. That a teacher achieves it, is the maximum. That is why it is one of the noblest activities that exist.

That said, I invite you to do a little exercise: remember the name of a teacher that has been significant to you. Already? Maybe you remembered it (or you remembered it, maybe it was more than one) because it was the best, the most fun or the most demanding; who taught you the most or who you had a well-earned affection for.

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Well, teachers also require motivation not only from their students, but also from their parents, so take note of the following and put it into practice:

1. Honor to whom honor deserves

Beyond Teacher’s Day, he recognizes his position as a mentor, his professional preparation and dedication to his students’ learning. If you see that your child is learning, it is worth making the educator see it, because that will motivate him to put more effort into his work.

2. I work hand in hand

Let him know that you do not see him as an enemy that you are going to monitor all the time, trying to hunt him down in some fault to throw it in his face at the first opportunity, nor that you expect your son to give excellent marks if he does not deserve them. Tell him, better, that you will be aware of any situation in which he requires support for a better academic achievement of your child.

3. Let’s go respecting …

If you do not agree with a specific school situation, immediately contact your child’s teacher through a message or by making an appointment, in order to clarify any doubts or misunderstandings.

Always avoid making offensive comments about the teacher’s work in front of your child and, on the contrary, remind him that as his educator he deserves all your respect and admiration. Keep in mind that he, too, can make mistakes like we all do. Your child, seeing your behavior and hearing your good comments about his work, will repeat them at school with actions or will be ready to make the most of his teachings.

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4. Give your part to both

Tell him how confident you are in his professional knowledge and skills for teaching. Do a continuous review of your child’s achievement and do not forget to express his progress as a student aloud, so that you instill the value of gratitude and, whenever you can, do it also personally with the teacher.

Teachers are a fundamental piece for your child’s school performance. The teacher can be a true ally of yours in the quest for your child to learn and train for life.

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