How To Make Your Charms Enchant

The clothes we wear can help us or hurt us by making us the center of attention or criticism, that’s how important it is to know how to choose.

Like it or not, a woman’s cleavage has the power to reveal not only our charms, but also our personality, and even our hidden intentions.

Obviously, a woman who enhances this area is an uninhibited person, who feels comfortable with her physique and who wants to make it noticeable. But it is not only about what Mother Nature has given us, but the clothes with which we dress and cover it can help or harm us, and such is the case of bras or bras.

According to statistics, 7 out of 10 women have no idea what their true size is, and I must confess that at least I am part of those numbers, and it is clear to me that I am not the only one.

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It is very common to see women that what stand out under their blouse are not so much their charms, but the imperfections that their bra causes them. Either because of how tight they are or, on the contrary, many others to which the bra is unable to cling and these charms look free fall, with disastrous results.

An adjuster that does not fit reveals when time has taken a toll on the firmness of our breasts, or makes clothes look unkempt, and shows us as women who are not careful about our appearance.

While its counterpart, too tight underwear portrays us as desperate for attention, deforms the natural contour of the breast, or makes the so unpleasant “chubby” jump. That is why choosing the correct size of our bra is not an issue that we should take lightly.

What you should consider

1. The size of the bra

It consists of number and letter. The number is the width of the back and the letter is the volume of the breast. A high number is not that you have a large bust, it is that you have a large chest, the bust is determined by the letter.

Preferably measure yourself in inches, and for the width of the back do it from back to front, but above the bust. It is believed that it should be measured from the bottom, but the bottom is our smallest sector and does not take into account our entire circumference.

If it gives you an odd number, round it up immediately, since if it is lower it will be tight, and if you stay with the odd number you will never find your size since they are handled in even numbers. For example, if your back is 33 inches long, round it by 34 inches.

2. How to measure your size

From the number that the width of your cup gives you in inches, you must subtract the number in inches that your back measures. If your back measures 33 inches, and your breast 35, subtract the 33 from 35, the result is 2, that is, the size that corresponds to you is 34B, remember that it becomes 34 because the sizes are even.

3. Most common results

If the result of your subtraction is less than 1, your size is AA.

Between 1 and 2 is A.

A 3 is B.

If it is 4, you are size C.

A 5 is D.

And higher than 6 is double D.

4. When measuring yourself

If your bust is firm, the cup measurement is taken in the highest area, if it is not the case, measure yourself with a bra without padding. To check that it fits you correctly, raise your arm, if it moves, it is too big for you.

Very important: it may happen that a bra in your size does not fit. This is because each bust is different, each company varies in their sizes, and not all models fit all bodies. The ideal is always to try it on.

There is a possibility that despite my attempts to explain clearly you still feel insecure to do it on your own, so I recommend you make use of technology, and there are already applications for your Tablet or Smartphone that make your work easier, as is the case with Sayfit, Bra Fittin or My bra size, created for those who need help and don’t want to complicate things.

Because in the end what we look for and wish is that our charms serve to enchant and not to show us.

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