How To Heal The Grief For The Death Of A Loved One

Getting over the pain of the loss of a loved one is not easy. Although there is no secret formula for healing pain, this article can help you get on with your life.

Unfortunately, all of us sometimes go through a death. And we all go through it differently, because there is no magic formula for accepting the loss of a loved one. In order not to fall into deep sadness, to the extent that our lives are negatively affected, we should remember that that being that has already departed will always be in our hearts, and that life continues for those of us who are still alive. Perhaps this is easier for those who have religious principles and hope for the Resurrection.

My father recently passed away. Although fortunately it was a situation that we were already waiting for in the family, his suffering was immense. Sometimes, when waiting for the loss of a loved one, the time before death is less painful, it warns you; But it does not always happen that way, because it can happen that death comes suddenly and there is no time to assimilate the news and its magnitude.

Whatever the case, the first thing we have to accept in our hearts is that life goes on, because plans and projects are not interrupted, there is a family that must be loved and cared for, there is work, daily occupations and married life, and so on. Remember that everything is a process, and it is in oneself to assimilate it in the best way.

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I want to share with you six actions that I have been practicing to cope with this duel, hoping that they also work for you:

1. Cry

It is important to find a suitable space and time to vent and understand what we feel. Crying strengthens the soul and heals our body, it is a way to cope with the grieving process, a unique and internal moment where you can connect your thoughts with memories and assume reality.

Little by little, after crying enough, you will feel calm and calm, and the pain of the soul will not be as strong as at first. So don’t hold back your feelings and cry all you need to to make yourself feel better as the days go by.

2. Read the scriptures and self-help books

The Bible and self-help books or texts for dealing with grief are tools to recover emotionally, clear your mind and focus your energy on positive thoughts. It is the best way to stop thinking about the loss of your loved one.

Concentrate on reading, because they will surely help you better understand life situations, establish new challenges, change your attitude to face fears and sadness, develop new skills and, therefore, it will be easier for you to accept reality . If you really want help to cope with grief, I advise you to read; today there are many books that will help you understand, cope with and overcome pain.

3. Write and express

Writing what you feel helps to heal the soul. This technique is recommended by many specialists. In a notebook, computer or tablet write everything you want as a way to unburden yourself. Write your pain, your memories, your sadness, everything you feel in those moments. This will allow you to identify your emotions, channel your energy, release your thoughts from pain, reflect on the future. If you need to apologize or thank that loved one, this is also a good way to do it.

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4. Don’t stop doing your activities

Definitely, a loss of this magnitude brings negative energies: “I am nothing”, “Why continue”, they can be destructive thoughts that will lead to depression. On the contrary, focus positively, go back to work, to the activities that you commonly did; Communicate with family and friends, stay busy, and lean on those who love you right now.

5. Express what you feel

Talk and let your family, friends and co-workers listen to you, express your feelings and tell them what you feel; Share your experience and you will surely feel a great relief knowing that you are not the only person who has gone through this situation. Learn from those around you, let yourself be hugged and be comforted by their good wishes.

6. See a specialist

When you think that you have not been able to overcome the grief in a while, you should think about going to a specialist to help you channel that pain. They are the ones for you to heal.

Remember that not all people accept pain and heal in the same way. The important thing is to find a way to feel better and get on with your life. I am convinced that all our loved ones are present at all times and will live in our hearts forever.

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