How To Discover An Infidelity, What To Do And How To Act, According To The Experts

Your heart beats a thousand an hour, you have lost sleep, your doubts do not allow you to be happy Do you think your partner is cheating on you? This you must know and do.

Infidelity is one of the most controversial topics today; but also, there are many other ways to cheat on your partner, such as chatting, having secret conversations with someone of the opposite sex, sexting or maintain communication with a former love; although these do not necessarily come to a passionate encounter.

Without a doubt, discovering an infidelity is painful and destructive, not only for the victim in question, but for all family members, children, friends and close loved ones. Although most know the consequences, it seems that they are not important, since in this game where respect, commitment and communication are lacking, people become self-centered, without thinking about the physical and emotional damage that they will cause when opting for be unfaithful.

Although it sounds sad and devastating, it is important to know some typical and common signs that unfaithful people do, in order to rescue the partner and love, before it is too late.

What you should know

A study revealed the possible causes of infidelity: they all vary according to each person’s ideologies, customs and cultures. Among them are: boredom, routine, vanity, beliefs, for thinking that everyone does it, revenge, dissatisfaction, communication problems, lack of understanding and understanding, lack of love and affective deficiencies, curiosity and search for adventure.

There are even common personality traits too; According to the study, these people are extroverted, social and popular, they usually avoid problems, tend to prioritize their individual needs and desires, do not expand responsibilities and commitments, have low self-esteem, are friendly and seductive.

Warning signs

1 It is, but it is not

Act normal, let your life flow; However, little by little you will feel that they are emotionally distancing themselves; They don’t talk very often anymore, their interests and ways of distraction are different, they will be absent, withdrawn, without paying attention to what you say. The same communication will not exist.

2 More conflicts

Most of the time they will be irritable, annoyed, they will act defensive without having a real reason, they will make negative criticisms of you and they will hardly find solutions to their problems.

3 fear

Most of the time it will be very cautious and mysterious; If for some reason you dare to ask if he is unfaithful, he will blame you and accuse you for wanting to control his life, he will tell you that you do not trust, because he has not given you reasons; You will also receive constant complaints because you overwhelm and jealous. It will also claim your space and individuality.

It should be noted at this point, unexpected calls or messages, which when receiving them will make you nervous and you will try to speak in a private place or simply turn off the cell phone.

4 A lot of work, more than usual

It is logical that you will need excuses to meet another person, so you will suddenly have the need to excuse your time, arguing that they have to work overtime, organize work meetings outside of the place and work hours, even take occasional business trips. They will also start hanging out with their friends, without involving you in their meetings.

5 Mirror, mirror, who is the most beautiful?

It is a surprising change, since you will worry more about your physical appearance, you will change your style and bad habits in your diet. You will be concerned about looking good, you will wear clothes that you did not used to wear. You might start hitting the gym, go for a run, start dieting, and everything else you haven’t done in years.

6 inexplicable joy

You will change your way of being, appearing more cheerful, jovial, enthusiastic and with a lot of energy. He will always be active, doing things to avoid questioning or marital conflict; You will try to avoid conversations that put you in controversy or at risk.

7 Changes in intimate relationships

There will be new ideas and creative ways to satisfy your tastes and physiological needs of both; perhaps, trying certain postures or trying to have encounters in places that were not used to frequent.

What to do if you suspect infidelity

Perhaps some of these points will make you reflect on your relationship, but before acting impulsively it is advisable to talk to your partner, raise your doubts and suspicions; Despite the majority denying it, it is important to put a red light on.

Stay alert (without obsessing), look for a trusted person to be able to talk about the subject other than your partner, in order to vent and be able to think more clearly.

How to forgive?

Many dreams, goals and illusions are shattered, confidence declines, self-esteem declines, and feelings of guilt are likely to arrive. We can say thatinfidelities can be forgiven , to give place to those we love and to ourselves the possibility of changing and amending mistakes.

Learning to forget the pain caused is essential to ensure that the relationship comes out stronger from this ordeal. This process takes time, it is not overnight; However, it will help them a lot to set new projects, goals and strategies that allow them to rebuild their relationship to start from scratch.

The guidance of a couple specialist is important to help them manage and control their emotions, since resentment and anger will be on the surface. The therapies will cause your communication to be more satisfactory, in this way the lost trust will be restored.

Lastly, don’t forget that love conquers everything; It is valid to reflect on the origin of infidelity in order to work together in those situations in which both have failed, avoiding looking for guilty parties. Do what your heart and soul dictate; do not be afraid to make the best decision that favors you, that makes you feel calm and happy.

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