How To Detect Bullying In My Children Or Students?

This article aims to publicize the symptoms of bullying, what should be taken into account to detect it early, and how to avoid it when our children are victims of this school act.

Our children, as social human beings, must relate to the world. After their family they will have to face school, where they will no longer be the center of attention, but one more. There they will be forced to face many situations and challenges that will help them grow and mature as people. But, what is it that we must accept that our children live, and what not?

It is there where many parents, teachers, and even the students themselves do not realize that they are being victims, or are causing the famous school bullying , which is the deliberate and constant physical and / or psychological abuse that a child receives from of another or others, who behave cruelly towards him with the aim of subduing and frightening him. The bullying involves continuous repetition of teasing or aggression and can cause social exclusion of the victim, according to the psychological and pedagogical theories that study the subject.

How can I tell if my children are victims of this social act that begins to be experienced every day? Below I list some aspects to consider:

Your son or daughter no longer wants to go to school

He is asked the reasons and does not respond.

Somatic behaviors,

like headache, stomach pain; diarrhea and vomiting without any medical explanation.

Change of humor

He is no longer cheerful and, on the contrary, isolates himself from his friends or family.

Bruising on the body

When asked about it, he says that he fell, and the real case does not count.

Behavior change

Cries, is irritable, is constantly saddened.

He does not want to interact with his peers

Find excuses not to do it and avoid spending time with him.

Lose or damage

frequently their school supplies.

Sleep disturbances

He wakes up at night claiming to have had nightmares.

Ask your parents

to accompany him to school and to arrive early for him.

What teachers should watch out for

To groups of students on the playground or in the hallways

They are the ideal occasions to plan what to do and to whom.

The little participation of any student before the group

That student who does not like to talk in front of his classmates for fear of being made fun of.

If you constantly complain

having been robbed at school.

Little relationship with peers

You have to ask the student why he does not relate to his classmates.

Variations in school performance,

with loss of concentration and increase in school failure.

Decides not to go back to school

Parents state that their son or daughter does not want to go back to school but that they do not give valid reasons for said dropout.

How we should act against bullying

Don’t pressure your child or students

to tell your case; Through dialogue you can discover what they are being victims of.

Request help from a specialist

This will help your son or daughter develop confidence.

In the school there must be

Coexistence department, in charge of regulating aggressiveness in students.

Not leaving so much free time for your children

Aggressive video games are leading children on many occasions to be the perpetrators of bullying .

If you see someone being attacked,

inform the school or the parents of the victim immediately.

Listen to our children and students

Only they know what is actually lived in the classroom. For this reason we must listen to what they tell us and not miss anything.

The bullying school is becoming present in all educational places, some less frequently than others, but lives. Let’s not let these things happen and open the channel of communication with our children and students. Teachers and parents, have you talked with your children and students about this topic?

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