How To Deal With A Peeping Husband

If you have a peeping husband, surely you have felt bad sometime. Some men love to look, although they don’t do it to hurt you; That is why it is important that you talk to him and express your feelings about it.

As a child I used to study my father when we were walking down the street: he would watch carefully when a beautiful woman crossed our path. Although we, his daughters, and even his own wife were present, he had no qualms about it. My mother didn’t seem to care too much, and it wasn’t really that serious either, but since I was always jealous, as I got older I said, “I’m never going to allow my husband to look at other women in front of me.”

I am lucky to have a good and respectful man. However, more than once I have caught him when he turns to see a woman. And more than once I have had great discussions about it. Maybe he thought I wasn’t seeing it, but many men don’t imagine how clever women are when we want to take care of ourselves. After many talks and explaining to him the feeling of helplessness that caused me to see other women, we were able to put our interests in common and understand each other. There is nothing that a good respectful dialogue cannot solve.

If you have a peeping husband , surely you have felt bad. It is known that men love to look, although many times they do not do it on purpose or to hurt you; That is why it is important that you talk to him and tell him how much it affects you and why:

1. Red-handed

When it happens, get their attention and tell them that as soon as they get home they will talk about it. Don’t have an argument in public. It is always better to fix things privately. Also, if you start a fight, he will most likely outright deny what you point out to him.

2. Changing roles

Tell him to put himself in your place. Ask him how he would feel if you walked down the street looking at beautiful men. Surely no man would admit it. Take the test and see how annoying it will get. This will help you better explain why mutual respect is important.

3. A necessary effort

We live in a macho society, and many men consider that being peeping is very normal and try to minimize the jealousy of their women. Ask your husband to make the effort and exercise not to observe women, at least in front of you.

4. Always beautiful

Get ready, put on your makeup and dress up pretty. In addition to attracting the attention of your husband, it is certain that you will attract the attention of other men, perhaps feeling firsthand that a man looks at you she can change that attitude of looking at other women.

Without a doubt, communication is always the best remedy for misunderstandings in the couple. Don’t stop chatting. Do not accumulate anger or anger; do not go to sleep angry about what happened during the day, men are more direct than women and need to know the reason for your emotional state. Crossing your arms and protesting won’t help too much. Dealing with a peeping husband is not easy; but you can improve little by little with a lot of respect and a lot of love. And to you, does it affect you that your husband is a voyeur?


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