How To Cope With Infertility As A Couple And Achieve That Baby That They So Desire

Coping with infertility as a couple is not an easy matter, but perhaps this article can help you. Better prognosis of success if infertility is faced as a couple

The desolate waiting room seems to be colder than ever. José gently caresses the hand of Claudia, his wife, while he tries to find an answer to all his thoughts, but he cannot decipher what her eyes hide.

A mob of emotions confuses him, a bad feeling has not left him all day. His intuition does not lie to him, suddenly all his racing thoughts are interrupted by the voice of the doctor’s assistant inviting them to pass.

The news and the decision

On the desk you can see a white envelope that ends a series of tests to find out if they will be able to become parents one day. José looks at Claudia tenderly and whispers in her ear: “No matter what happens, we are together.” The doctor extends his hand to them and begins to explain that, according to the different samples obtained from both of them and observed in the laboratory, they cannot be parents.

Claudia was stunned, what had she done wrong? Where did she keep all her dreams now? What would José think? The tears begin to flow. José takes her strong hand, his hunch did not fail. Both decide not to know who has the fertility problem, because that does not matter. Love is stronger and they have to live this test in the best way.

The crisis

The doctor warns them of the strong crisis that they may begin to experience due to the unexpected news. He explains that they may begin to feel: anxiety, stress, social isolation, feelings of guilt, among many other triggers. And that, therefore, it is important that if at any time they feel overwhelmed, they go to a specialist so that he can help them.

The rediscovery

He tells them about the great task that lies ahead for them now: REDISCOVER. Discover the pleasure of a good intimate encounter, leaving behind the pressures of the search for fertile days to conceive.

Claudia blushes, since they have not made love freely for a long time. The last time everything has been planned and calculated around her menstrual cycle, almost like an obsession. And José can’t remember when was the last time they both complimented each other as they passed.

The doctor, noticing their discomfort in the face of the issue, tells them that everything must START, little by little. With details, as if they were boyfriends who are just starting to flirt.

Other routes

At the end of the consultation, José and Claudia, with their hands sweating from nerves, hear that the doctor talks about different options to become parents: in vitro fertilization, some assisted reproduction techniques and, finally, adoption.

Explaining all the options, they both take a deep breath, perhaps never had so many unfamiliar medical terms been brought up. They are invited to think about it calmly, leaving the doors open to return with any questions, and they are given a card from a foundation that is dedicated to giving children for adoption.

Back home, Claudia can’t stop looking at José. She wonders what a son of both would have been like, who she would look like. But José interrupts his thoughts at a certain point to say: “No matter which way we have to take, the important thing is that we do it together.”

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