How To Be The Substitute Teacher For Your Children Without Succumbing In The Attempt?

How happy that our children have at home as teachers the people who love them most in the world! Are we ready to love and contain them?

April 2020. Full global crisis due to the coronavirus. From one day to the next, our outlook changed completely, and fathers and mothers feel overwhelmed and sometimes overwhelmed.

Lonely mornings at home drinking coffee, and getting our work done, even going to work, have given way to long and monotonous days in which we are absorbed by the uncertainty, mental exhaustion and the demand of our children who are at home in need of attention, restraint and love.

The quarantine that several countries in the world carry out at this time due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), has forced us to radically change the family, work and educational dynamics, and has not given us time to prepare, or even take a breath .

And it is not the same to send children to school and help them with homework, they only review the content, to be in charge for an indefinite time, to carry out the complete learning of our children with activities designed by someone else, that seem demanding, complicated and challenge our patience.

We feel that it rains on us wet

And it is that the issue is not only to have the children at home and arm ourselves with patience, fun activities and a lot of tolerance to disorder, but to deal with the stress generated by a possible contagion, the need to work from home, an uncertain economic outlook … The responsibility also weighs on us to comply every day with the required activities on topics that we do not always master, exposed to restless children who perceive our frustration and tension; and more than demand on our part, they need affection, attention and serenity.

Many parents feel really overwhelmed by this scenario, in which we have no control, but we do have many demands of different kinds, and yes, we feel that it is raining on us.

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We need a change of perspective

Certainly, the burden on us is heavy, but not impossible to bear. It all depends on how we look at what happens to us.

We can feel irritated by having our children at home all day, or take advantage of the opportunity given to us to get to know in depth those beings so similar to us who need and miss us so much.

Think about it, how many hours a day could you really spend with your children? By living together I do not mean the sometimes distracted dialogue you have with them on the way to school, or while serving them breakfast or lunch, I mean a dialogue where they look into each other’s eyes, and they can speak heart to heart.

You or your children may feel trapped in your home, forced to spend there all day, hour after hour, but you can also see it as a blessing that you are given invaluable time to value, reorganize and enjoy the place you have chosen to live. , and that you share with whom you always affirm that it is your greatest gift: your family.

True, there is much that overwhelms us, but have you counted your Blessings? Have you stopped these days to be grateful for what you do have, or are you only aware of what is missing or affecting you?

I don’t know how to be a “teacher or substitute teacher.”

The teachers of our children have had a difficult time, but with their best effort and love, they have designed as best they could, a plan to make the most of this time of social distancing without losing learning.

Yes, perhaps some have not been aware that studying from home is not the same as studying at school. They surely forgot that we do not study to teach, and that our children will not listen to us as they do, not because we are disobedient, but because of the trust that exists at home.

And it is that parents at home attend, feed, solve conflicts, heal, and end up exhausted! Add to these activities coordinating, explaining, convincing each child to do a different activity, with the pressure to deliver them on dates limit, it can drive us crazy.

And worst of all, many parents think that we have to follow the guidelines dictated by the person in charge of Public Health in our country or community, or by our boss, or by our children’s teacher. Many parents feel that a great wave came suddenly to drown us with its power, and we have been wallowed.

The solution is to learn to float

Float? Yes! The solution would be to swim dead. The first thing that must remain whole in these uncertain days is our peace and serenity of mind.

It is our opportunity to learn to be wise: be the ones who dominate the situation, rethink the panorama, rethink the demands and prevent external factors from determining our actions, being the owners of our life!, Being the owners of our time !

Our children are ours. Teachers are in charge of their learning in the classrooms, but you and I will one day give an account to God of the hearts, goodness and love of our children.

This time that is given to us is to rethink how much we are caring for the soul of our little ones ,how connectedwe are with them, how well we know them. If we only “endure” them or are interested in knowing them and we appreciate the time we have to share.

Float and love

We float when we let go of the body, and we extend our hands and feet in the water that transports and relaxes us. Another way to act is to fight against the watery environment, but that would sink us. However, floating we can still breathe, and even enjoy when we relax; The best thing is that this activity does not exhaust us, but saves our strength.

Days ago I felt like you: restless, overwhelmed, fearful, but I read a phrase that inspired me, I share it: «How happy are your children these days, they have as their teacher the person who loves them the most in the world! «. How about? Do you want to take this unique opportunity to show your love to your children?

Hopefully we are encouraged, because as Glenn Doman says: When parents really enjoy the company of their children, they become the best teachers they can have .”

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