How To Be Happy In The Midst Of Adversity

A harmonious life requires to be seen in its entirety, you cannot pretend to live in an eternal spring. Don’t confuse the illusion that “everything is fine” with harmony.

I dedicate this article to readers who have written haunted by the opposition in their lives.

Ernestina looked at the list of students and felt like crying when she couldn’t find her name on the approved roll. Raúl slipped off the scaffolding; As he descended seven stories through the air, he only thought of his family and the unborn baby. Jacinta read the medical report and wanted to flee: cancer is a word that should not be in the dictionary. Fatima bowed her head, looked out for a brief moment, and asked the psychologist if her son’s intellectual disability would allow him to learn like other children.

Something explodes inside you, your soul is not ready to hear certain news: a diagnosis, the mortgage notice, the look of the judge in court embedding itself in the eyes of your adolescent son, the lies of your husband, the announcement of the water supply cut… Big or small, everyday tragedies have the bad taste of breaking your harmony.

When something breaks the voice of harmony, the most hidden fears seem to appear and scream from the bottom: «Danger! Be careful! You’re in the minefield! ” The truth is that a harmonious life requires to be seen in its entirety: you cannot pretend to live in an eternal spring. Without winter you would stop living the charm of the cozy fire, or your hands would not run to cover your children on those icy days. In the end, adversity is an essential part of this life.

Think for a while, after the shock of unemployment, you started that course that you had been putting off and today is your source of income. After the diagnosis, you began to value the most important things in life. Therefore, I invite you to consider the following points:

1. Trust yourself

I know opposition scares you, but have confidence in yourself. Trust in what you are capable of achieving, in the resources that you are capable of acquiring, and do not let yourself be overcome by discouragement. You have the ability to cope with the vicissitudes of life. As your confidence grows, your self-esteem will strengthen and you will feel that you can integrate the presence of disagreements, the impact of obstacles, into your life. Your confidence will grow as you see that you are able to achieve harmony through difficulties and discrepancies. The opposition will make your confidence grow because it is not a staunch enemy in your life, but an ally for you to conquer.

2. See reality

Many times, your fear that something will alter your harmonious life leads you to live in a kind of illusory bubble, and even if you do not admit it you begin to deny reality, creating a false perception of it: You find a shirt with rouge (lipstick) on the neck and turn on the quick wash; your child brings the low grades and you throw a series of strong words towards the teacher; you need money in the savings bank and you don’t ask where your daughter got to go shopping.

3. Try to understand the whole

Stop believing that happiness is the absence of sadness, or that health is the absence of disease. Harmony is a puzzle that integrates all the pieces. Don’t confuse the illusion that “everything is fine” with harmony.

From a young age we are taught to seek that balance in life, but rarely are we prepared for opposition, disagreement, diversity, conflict. However, all these things are necessary, because it is through imbalance that you learn, grow as a human being, acquire skills and develop resources. In the end, a harmonious life is one where light and dark, hot and cold, love and heartbreak make up the color palette.

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