How To Be Good Parents, While Remaining Complicit

The arrival of the children will change your life as a couple, but do not let parenthood take away the romance and complicity.

The arrival of children, without a doubt, completely changes the life of a couple. From being two totally independent beings in their gaze and expectations about life, they must go on to reconcile a form of parenting, schedules for caring for the baby, and take on the new household chores that bringing a child into the world implies. However, that is the easiest part of the beautiful process, the complicated part comes when we realize that we must be parents, without forgetting to be a couple.

If we refer exclusively to our new roles, suddenly some symptoms will appear with a “smell” of crisis: alteration or disappearance of sexual life, conversations only to solve everyday problems, lack of time to spend alone, lack of affection and so many other problems that, little by little, will begin to end the plans to consolidate as a family.

So how do we manage to reconcile all of our roles? How do we become parents, while still being a couple? Perhaps you can achieve it, taking into account the following aspects:

1. Mutual care

Showing affection in front of the children will build a safe environment that will serve as a model for the children to measure what the outside world is like. But above all else, doing so will strengthen you as a couple to better deal with everyday problems.

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2. Time to talk alone

It is enough to leave the children to bed early to start your time, exclusively yours. Leave health issues, children’s needs and schoolwork behind. In these minutes, talk about what is happening to you, your concerns, your expectations, new goals as a couple and let the other know what you feel.

3. Solo getaways

When they were dating, surely this was very common: going to the movies, walking on the beach, walks at night, romantic dinners and calls to break the routine. Well, now that they’re parents, they need even more time alone. You don’t have to feel guilty about leaving your children in the care of a third person from time to time, you just need to make sure you leave everything they may need while you are gone. So they can enjoy their romantic getaway

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4. Details

Do not forget those small details that usually melt anyone: an unexpected message, a bouquet of flowers on any date, a hug while cooking, a compliment (compliment) in the ear, a message in the pocket and many others that rekindle the love that they feel for each other.

5. Show gratitude

This is something that all parents emphasize when we educate our children: say please and thank you. Magic words that suddenly, due to the hustle and bustle of day to day, we begin to forget in our dealings with our spouse. It is very comforting to know that our partner is grateful for everything we do, for the efforts to move forward with our family and for our love.

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Although there are no recipes that are infallible, you should know that great successes start small; For this reason, it is not necessary that you apply all these tips from one day to the next: just start taking small actions that serve to say “I love you, unconditionally.”

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