How To Be A Better Father… According To Harvard University

Harvard University conducted a study that gives suggestions for becoming better parents. Here I present some of them.

When you hear someone refer to Harvard University, the prestige that this school has makes you think that what they say is almost an absolute truth. Come on, it seems like only big brains can be there. For immediate reference, Mr. Mark Zuckerberg, inventor, owner and all-powerful of Facebook, studied at Harvard. He didn’t finish school, but that’s another matter.

It turns out that the Faculty of Education at this University conducted a study that can help first-time parents, so the conclusions they obtained are intended to help raise better human beings. You can review the complete study here, however, let me tell you what are the most important points that Harvard University highlights, to become better parents.

1. Lead by example

For the specialists of this school, it is better to lead by example than with boring and tedious lessons. So, if you want to teach children, for example, not to litter in the street, then you must make a constant demonstration of not being piglets and throwing papers or rubbish. And there are several subjects who do not care in the least.

2. Teach them to lose

Nobody is capable of winning his whole life, not even Superman (around the nineties there was a monster that already beat him, or well: it was a tie with a taste of defeat). In short, they say at Harvard that children must be given space to make mistakes and not forced to always win in absolutely everything they do. It happens to me that one of my children always wants to win in the “little races”, but on certain occasions I win so that he learns to manage his frustration, even though my ears suffer in the process.

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3. No to absolute truths

If the child grows up in an environment where different ways of thinking or tastes are tolerated; you are more likely to develop a concept of diversity and respect that is sure to support you throughout your life. Yes, I will know, that I do not like the favorite singer of my children’s mother at all, but when it comes time to listen to him, I put on my best face and I don’t start spouting verbal pests.

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4. Don’t suppress emotions

It is not a question of applauding their tantrums or their screams, but according to the Harvard gentlemen, children should be explained what the different emotions are and more or less “when to use them.” If he cries, do not hold back the tears with phrases like: “You are a man and you should not cry”, which I think is absurd. In reality, it is about understanding if what he cries for is really worth it, since it is not the same to cry when he falls off the bicycle and scrapes his knees, than because he was not given bread outside of his meal hours.

So with the Harvard recommendations, did you already know them? Would you add others?

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