How To Avoid Childhood Obesity

As parents, our responsibility is to teach our children what to eat and, above all, how to take advantage of food. Here are some practical tips.

Surely you have asked yourself more than once why are my children overweight? What should I do to help them? Childhood obesity is a very serious problem, it can cause your children to have chronic health problems. You are in time to fight them as of today. Read these practical tips that will help you give them a fuller and healthier life.

1. Eat at established times

As responsible mothers, we must always be attentive to our children’s meal times, ensuring that they always eat at the same time. If from childhood we get used to the established times to eat, the body will know how to take advantage of the nutrients and calories we eat.

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2. Avoid sleeping after feeding

If after eating we allow our children to continue active until the next meal of the day, then we are helping their body to know what to do with the calories consumed: it will use them immediately. On the contrary, if our children fall asleep, the body will get used to saving all the calories, generating overweight and poor health.

3. Eliminate “junk” foods

It is important to eliminate from the diet foods high in calories or carbohydrates that are not going to be used by the body immediately and, above all, outside of meal times. In schools it is forbidden to sell such foods, however, they are not prohibited at the exit. And, since your children leave school hungry and sometimes you don’t have time to prepare food, then you feed them the first thing you find. This is a mistake that will bring your children closer to childhood obesity.

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Here are some more ideas to avoid this terrible problem that permeates all families:

  • Feed your children homemade food.

  • Enroll your children in physical sports activities.

  • Get involved in healthy joint entertainment activities (like walking).

I know that today’s life makes it difficult for us to put a certain discipline in the times of our daily activities, including those of eating. This has undoubtedly contributed to increasing the problem of childhood obesity. However, if we make an effort for our children, today we will contribute to ensuring their future health.

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