How Lucky You Are When You Fail In Love

If you feel like dying from the failure of your love relationship, then read this article and discover what you gain when you think you lose.

When it comes to love, there are people who have done very well, others who have not been so lucky. And, you know well, these experiences are the most painful and momentous for human beings. However, I believe that you always win and that is something that you should keep in mind whenever you start a relationship in your life.

It is likely that the benefit that the failure of a romantic relationship can bring you, you cannot see in the moment, due to the pain. But over time you may notice that you have gained much more than you have lost. What do you learn from having failed in a relationship? Then I will expose it and surely you will be surprised what you will find:

1. Knowledge about what you want and what you don’t

You learn to know that you are willing to forgive and tolerate, you discover your insecurities and fears in love, whether or not you are jealous and, furthermore, you discover the effective way to solve marital conflicts.

2. You learn not to feel guilty for saying NO

For some women it is unavoidable to accept some things for fear of losing their loved one, sometimes yielding to degrading situations. Saying “no” at the right time not only gives a reason for your value as a person, but it fills you with security and speaks of your self-love and your character.

3. You stop idealizing love

It is nice to dream of the ideal love, nobody will blame you for that. But the love of a novel or a story only happens in fiction and that you realize, unfortunately, after many tears on the pillow. Failing in love will take out all those fantasies and will help you discover that love as a couple is not only appointments and details, but problems and even failures. That until you find the right one.

If you think your marriage will be a fairy tale, prepare to suffer

4. Never settle for an abuser, for fear of loneliness

Many women make that mistake and seem to have learned nothing from their past relationships; they choose to suffer lies and shoves, not to be left alone. Removing someone who mistreats you from your life gives you the opportunity to heal your wounds and to welcome a man who is worthwhile and who truly appreciates you.

Do you stay in a relationship for fear of loneliness?

5. Know your aspects, that you did not know

It will seem strange, but when you do not have a partner you are very different from how you are when you are with someone. When you are in a relationship, you will know if you are selfish or generous, tender or not very affectionate, in short. It may be that the relationship did not end in marriage, but that you are going to know much more than before, there is no doubt.

6. You recognize the importance you give to your loved ones

You know very well that, if some people are going to be there when you need them, they are your friends, parents and siblings. For that reason, cultivate both your relationship with your partner, as with the rest of your loved ones. Do not neglect those relationships because they will be the ones that sustain you with love, in the midst of your difficulties.

7. You strengthen yourself spiritually

You will realize that you are stronger than you imagine, that you are able to endure great difficulties and failures. But above all, you will know that you are a survivor, ready for the next experiences that life brings you.

8. You appreciate the moments alone, with yourself

For some women it is very easy to find a partner early. However, there may be a situation where you need time alone; in that moment you will find that being with yourself allows you to know yourself better and love yourself more.

9. You learn to manage your emotions

Since your love relationship has failed, you will see with surprise your emotional limits and you will learn to control and assume positive attitudes, to replace some harmful emotions that may be the cause of your love difficulties.

10. You discover how much you are “worth” as a human being

Sometimes, after having tolerated problems, arguments and — why not say so — abuse, you discover how valuable you are, and the person you deserve to have in your life. This will allow you not to “sell” your dreams for a little, to someone who surely does not deserve you. A damaging relationship teaches you that you are the only one who may or may not allow yourself to be hurt. Knowing that you will realize that this insight is an invaluable treasure.

A healthy self-esteem will help you to be loved better

The next time a relationship is not going well for you, remember that you have gained wisdom about yourself, and you will also discover the kind of man you deserve to love you.

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