How Do You Know If Your Partner Deserves A Second Chance?

All human beings are prone to making mistakes, but when it comes to your partner how can you know if you should give him a second chance?

One of the most difficult and painful moments that we live is the breakdown of a relationship. The duration of this stage will depend on several factors: the type of relationship that was had, the length of time, where they lived and where they will live, if there are children involved, the respect between the couple and, of course, the reason for the break.

If it is already difficult to go through the different levels of pain that this implies, the fact of accepting that it did not work, healing that wound, learning from it and overcoming it, becomes more complicated when that person, who is looking for the most subtle way or not To end his relationship with you, he looks for you assuring you that he misses you, that he made a mistake and that you are the love of his life.

If you are going through this situation and you don’t know what decision to make, I suggest you take the following points into account:

1. Cause of the break

In most cases, just knowing that the other person came back to look for you, you think it is enough and everything is forgotten … Wrong! Its not that easy. If you really want it to work this time, it is necessary to face the reasons that led the relationship to break up, and for this it is necessary that before saying “yes” or “no”, they talk without fear and state the reason (s) for each.

2. Differences of character

When the main reason is this, I advise you that before deciding whether to resume your relationship or not sit down to talk and expose what you do not like about the other. They need to be very sincere and not afraid to express themselves. Talk and comment on what you are willing to change. Many relationships end because of a lack of communication, not a lack of love.

3. Cases of infidelity

People say, “If he did it once, chances are he will do it again.” Although it is not a rule, in most cases it repeats itself sooner or later, so it is important that you keep it in mind and, main issue, that you know the reason that led him to act that way. Analyze if their reason corresponds to a way of being of your partner or only corresponded to a slip, so that you do not live with constant fear.

4. Economic reasons

Families often live in harmony until the lack of work or the lack of money alters them, and from there other serious conflicts arise such as reproach, low self-esteem and despair at not being able to improve the situation. If this is your case, remember that a couple is made up of two people and just as the education of your children corresponds to both of you, so does the fact of supporting the family. It is not easy, but any effort is worth it.

The decision of a second chance for a relationship does not only correspond to one of the parties, but must be considered by both. The key is that there is true love.

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