How Do You Know If Your Child Suffers From Attention Deficit Disorder?

Are the behaviors your child has not normal? Do you quickly despair, do you not follow rules and orders? Learn about attention deficit disorder.

How many times do you have to repeat some indication to your child? Are you afraid to take him to public places because he never stays still in one place? Does he never end with something that he started and gets constantly bored? Are you doing poorly in school and are you having problems?

Some behaviors your child engages in may indicate that they have attention deficit disorder. But what is that? Well, it is a problem that is detected in childhood, when children have trouble concentrating and doing any common activity, some are hyperactive. How do you know if your child suffers from this disorder?

Watch your son

Your child: is easily distracted and forgets things such as: books, toys, the uniform sweater, gets bored and changes activities quickly, has trouble following instructions and has no order; You have caught him that he fantasizes most of the time, he does not stop talking and is always restless and also does not control his emotions. You likely have attention deficit disorder.

The first to detect the problem are the parents and teachers of the school, at that moment you should take your child to a specialist doctor, so that they carry out the appropriate tests and give him the necessary attention according to his age, even if he does not Treats early can continue to develop into adolescence and into adulthood.

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What are the causes?

The specialists do not know for sure the causes of the disorder, however; They refer it to the fact that it can arise from hereditary genes, premature birth, smoking or ingesting alcoholic substances during pregnancy and brain damage.

What to do?

When the specialist diagnoses the disorder, he will give your child the necessary medications so that he can concentrate, be calm; to improve your attention and thereby increase the ability to relate to others.

You will have to go to different therapies to manage your emotions, improve your behavior and school performance.

The National Institute of Mental Health conducted an investigation where they discovered that any treatment that includes drugs is more effective in fighting symptoms than behavioral therapy alone. Thus; they have to go together.

On some occasions, doctors recommend that the child have physical activity where he can run and expend all his energy, such as: American, soccer, athletics and so on.

It is important that as a mother you give your child all the love, patience and tolerance, it is a long road which they have to walk together. Avoid scolding, punishment and above all control your emotions when your child does not obey.

Remember that it is important to work as a team; There are therapies where they guide parents and train them so that they know the ways to control their child’s behavior and theirs. The school teachers should also be involved so that they provide full support.

All medications must be strictly controlled and administered correctly; to prevent your child from being prone to becoming addicted in the future. The National Institute on Drug Abuse, investigated children’s behavior, which reports that if the parent and teachers have adequate control, children will not have future complications.

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It is important that you always observe your child’s behavior, so that you detect any anomaly in time. There is always a solution if any disorder is detected early.

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