How Can I Help My Child Develop A Positive Self-image

Getting your child to have a positive self-image is possible. You, as a mom, can do it for the good of your whole family.

When you watch the news, social networks or talk with someone, surely you see that every day more people agree to accept us all as we are, not to discriminate against anyone because of their size, weight, way of dressing or appearance, right? ?

We all agree that the feelings and education that a person manifests is much more important than their exterior, but – well the terrible “but” – at the end of the day, we continue to show rejection of overweight people, those who do not dress as one considers they should do it and the most terrible thing is that we do all this.

So, we say in front of our children that in the first case and nothing good, they imitate our behaviors and, second and very serious, they learn to despise themselves.

As parents, teachers and relatives or figures of reference for a minor, it is very important that we consider and put into practice these recommendations so that our children, students and girls, mainly who surround us

That they accept themselves and love themselves as they are and for what they are

I want to remind you that a child who keeps a positive self-imagethey have less in their life to suffer bullying of any kind, they have higher grades in school, they have more friends, they are more active, so they suffer less from diseases. They also have fewer conflicting personal relationships, and in short, they live calmer and happier lives.

Would you like something like that for your children? I think so. Then get to work!

Be a model of a healthy self-image

This rule is for all mothers and fathers, without exception, but doubly important for mothers who have daughters. Memorize this: never, ever, make disparaging remarks about your body, your intelligence, or your appearance. Never do that!

It is one thing to say: “I ate too much last night, today I will have a lighter breakfast”, and another to say: “I am a pig! I eat like a pig!

Those expressions hurt a lot, not just you, everyone around you! And more to the boys and girls

Let your daughters and sons hear from you positive messagesover your body. Emphasize how healthy you are, the things you can do with it. Try to send messages that strengthen healthy behaviors and the responsibility of taking care of their bodies.

Your children should frequently listen to your purposes, your goals, your taste for grooming yourself, wearing clean clothes and your joy at looking good because you feel very good.

There is nothing that can beat a good attitude and personal acceptance. Knowing your flaws, accepting them and loving them will make you invincible, that’s what we want for our children.

Accept not only with words, but with deeds all the diversity

Be kind, caring, and affectionate to everyone. Avoid making comments “in private” about how bad someone’s clothes look, how fat they are, how bad they look, how old they have become, and so on. Treating a person well and speaking ill of them in their absence is a terrible teaching.

Change that ugly vice, speak well of people in public and private, give sincere praise to people.

Once, a friend who is characterized by being gentle and kind, said to a lady in line at the supermarket: «Lady, your nails …«, she still had not finished the sentence when the lady turned to her super-angry and with very bad face yelled “my nails! what?”. My friend, without losing her composure, said “they are beautiful!” The woman changed her angry face for one bathed in tears, the woman said to my friend: excuse me, it’s been a long time since anyone had said something so kind to me. The two women hugged and together they went to buy varnish. They remain friends ever since.

Many people are constantly attacked because of their physique. We are being kinder to each other!

Let’s really focus on health and wellness

Eating healthy, exercising and maintaining a positive attitude towards the body is a way of life, not a social pressure, not a fad.

Our body is unique, there is no need to enter a mold no matter how much the media insist. Today you have to be very attentive to all thosefake messages that advertising sells us and that the little ones buy very easily and well, even us as adults.

Talk to your children about eating disorders and what is not true and the freedom they have to choose what is right, what is healthy and what gives them and preserve their freedom of choice.

The best way to have an attitude towards our body and physical appearance is to develop a sport, an artistic activity, a talent, knowing and feeling strong, talented and loved.

This is possible, you as a mother can achieve it for the good of your whole family.

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